USPS Problems/Media Mail Sucks - VNYLDEN - #VNYLDENATION


Long story short, this package was marked "out for delivery" yesterday and showed this on the tracking number provided. . . Well it wasn't delivered until this afternoon which prompted me to call USPS, only for them to give me a bunch of BS and then hang up on me. This is the first TVJ quickie vid expressing how irritated I am about this. Bare with me this is the first vid.

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Franco C 

3 Vinyl situations in the last month. Four weeks ago, package just "vanished" at the post office. Thankfully, seller issued a full refund. Three weeks ago, mailer looked as if someone bent it in half on purpose, album was ruined. Another should have been delivered today - truck came and went, no package. Not to mention Informed Delivery system has been mostly useless for the last week or so. Informed delivery is a joke.

Kevin Wade 

I have a package where the shipment originated 10 miles from my home in metro Atlanta, GA. It has been 8 days and it still hasn't arrived. Media Mail.

Dark Helmet 

I have some vinyl coming to me, ordered 22nd of sept. it's oct 7 and it's moved from long island, to pittsburgh in that time. It's supposed to go to san diego from long island. 15 days and it's moved 400 of the 2800 miles


This is proof that I needed to edit my videos before posting... Oh, and Adderall is bad!

edward caisie 

i paid extra shipping and seller sent media mail took 12 days to get my purchase i dont think thatasright

edward caisie 

hey they sent it media mail ...... they think its a fucking book


They suck !! I've had several problems with packages being delivered by them and then even if the package was delivered by ups and due to not being home to receive it they decide to send it to the Usps I still have a problem once I go to there asses to get my package. This is on going and there seems to be no recourse especially if you don't want them delivering your shit to someone else as revenge , smdh

Gary Comardo 

it's a possibility that you had a new driver on your route. when I first started I missed a package or two. it's not rediculous, it's actually a tough job when you are first starting out.

Stephen Bender 

ALL the f,ing time! they suck!