Using the Social Media Specialists for Health Campaigns


Public health is about promoting and protecting health and wellbeing, preventing ill health and prolonging people's lives, the Social Media Specialists can help with you all your needs.

People value their health very highly, and most people want to lead a healthy lifestyle.

By running Public health and awareness campaigns with the Social media Specialists you can help people do this by:

• Informing them about health issues and what they can do about them.

• giving them the tools and motivation to take responsibility for their own health.

• helping people overcome ingrained habits, such as smoking or poor diet, that may lead to poor health, by making them aware of the consequences of choices they make.

Using Facebook correctly and to its full potential allows Health Practitioners to engage with the local population in order to share information on, products, services and the latest news. Your organisation can also share advice and information about important health issues, exciting...

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