Using shopify for a wholesale sales


I show an example of how to use a shopify store as a wholesale outlet to increase your sales, reduce the amount of time it takes you to enter orders and provide better customer services. The end goal is to drive more business to your company and provide a more seamless experience for your b2b clients.

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din syafif 

great! how to install to my shopify & how much?

Ahmad Soughar 

is it possible to only have a wholesale site? i need a B2B site.

Brandon & Jessica Hotz 

So does this mean that you had to open a whole new shopify store and pay an additional $29 a month? Also how did you get the wholesale side to be password protected, is that an app within shopify?

Andrea Notta 

I am trying to have the ability for a product, such as a t-shirt like the above, to be able to select more than one size at a time (for example: 10 smalls and 15 larges). But I also want to have a quantity break for the total of that specific product (for example: if you buy a total of 10 shirts it will be $10/per, 15 shirts will be $7.50/shirt). From that I figured I would need like a bulk order ability, but I can only see ways of doing that for the whole sight with a separate page. I would like to have the ability to select different sizes and the total be applied to the quantity break per item. I already was able to have custom options with additional pricing for a product using one of the apps on Shopify. Not sure if I need a specific app to accomplish this or what I need to look up to code that part. Hopefully this was clear and any help in this matter I would greatly appreciate.

Aaron Chapman 

So, We are currently in market to do this with our Shopify retail site. Did you say that you created a whole new site, or does this example use the same URL and direct wholesalers to a different page (login) within their existing site? We would like to avoid building a new site all togehter and rather have wholesalers login to our site and only be able to see/order certain items.

Arati Devasher 

Wow. Wish I had the budget to do this!

Scala Surgical 

Simple and straight forward video - thanks!


what app is this? How can I get this platform.. it is perfect.

Brandon Culp 

Hello Im looking to have something like this done on our website 

please contact me ASAP!!!!!!!!