Understanding how to pick out the right size Tires, Rims and wheels


You want those big off road tires for your jeep or truck? But whats the best size of Tire, wheel or rim and when do you have to re-gear so you don't wreck your ride. I went to Appleton Wisconsin and hooked up with the Custom Offsets crew to figure that out.

Customs offsets channel Here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnmCVfwLakc9Fd2ltaowisQ

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Not the place to go for offroad tires.They build pavement princesses there.

Brian Iannarelli 

I now people with 40s with a 6 inch lift on a super duty

Brian Iannarelli 

how about a 1979 F-150 with a 6 inch suspension lift and a inch and a half body lift with 38 inch super swamper boggers 4x4. how about you just look at #streetspeed717 Duramax or #senditSteve f-450

Brian Iannarelli 

you said 35 inch with a 4inch lift I have a 2003 f-350 with a 2inch leveling kit and 35 with a 4 inch lift I would at least to 35 probably 36 depending on how deep and rough the tread is and how wide the tire wheel

victor wellhoefer 

goodyear wrangler mud and snow I had the best luck with---1999 f250 diesel tooooooooo

Luke Grekat 

Sweet! Love it!

Jim Monheim 

Tire sizes used to include a "R" the "R" stood for rim not wheel example 225-75- R15 15" rim

Jim Monheim 

Not completely accurate I had an F250 Diesel with a 4 inch lift that had 35 inch tires 12 and 1/2 in wide and was able to turn without issues


I really enjoy your videos and thought you would like this dont know how to send to you and sorry for the f bomb. Watch "Tree grinder in angry mode" on YouTube


Georg Andexler Andexler 

Bumpers by Mother Nature pick up yours in a woods or forest near you.

kyle gibbs 

I have a stock 1996 dodge 1500. Previous owner put 20" "wheels" on it, that are from a newer dodge 1500. I want to run the original 16" "wheels." What size would be best for clearance, as used for a pavement princess, and a hunting truck.

tom thorn 

I need a favor from you Stanley. I need your opinion. I know you have been testing a Ventrack. I have been thinking about buying 2 of them for sidewalk snow removal. There is an area where I live of 15 blocks that people want cleared and a community college campus that needs like 4 miles worth of sidewalk done. I looked at a used one and it was $19,500!! I can't seem to get a straight answer as to what they cost new. Is it REALLY worth shelling out that kind of money for one of these? Are they really built and do they really hold up like some people say? I would be sick to my stomach to waste that much money.

Roy Nelson 

I didn't get notification on this video but I think we all learned something off of this thank you buddy and I don't know if it is a lot of people don't know no better or they just don't care but your Jeep is looking really good man I like it👊👊👍👍👍🤙🤙🤙

Parts Fast 

good info but he made a mistake saying that load range f tire was 1600lb, it was 1600kg or 3840lb. F should be heavier load than E

sbf 342 videos 

I would like to meet you.

Jonathon Parker 

We from minnesoda.

Jonathon Parker 

This is easy stuff the biggest damn tire on the truck without rubbing and your done.

Leonard Martin 

i have 38's on my jl with only a 3.5 inch lift no body mods needed. no regearing, i have swapped out axles for hd ones but thats about it. i run a 17 inch bead lock rim

nathan penketewa 

Nice vid two fav youtubers thanks bro!


Too bad the people that need to see this won't.

Jay Trock 

Wow. You tire guy is horrible. You can do 37s on a stock jeep without a lift. Just need to mod fender. Also wouldn't recommend putting huge wheels on an offroad tires. Looks stupid as Fudge. If you use your truck to offroad you should always regear for the tires.

Dom Forte 

I have 35x12.5s on 16s on a 3inch lifted 99 ram 1500 looks pretty tuff

Rob Pridemore 

I like flat black steel wheels. I can take them off and rough them up with sand paper and spray paint them back to new.

Adam MotoLandscaping 

You guys forgot to mention the importance of offset with fitment... I'd honestly say it is just as important as tire size. I ran a 37" tire on my leveled superduty with no rub because it was on the stock 20" rims with 0 offset. I then put 33" 20x14 rims with -77 offset and rubbed at half crank because your changing the pivoting angle the tire is at where it's sticking out from the fender too far so you'll hit the cab corners or bumper. Also there is no universal way of saying "oh you need a leveling kit to fit 35s on a truck without rubbing". That can vary because you have to understand that Dodges and Fords have straight axles in the front AND round wheel wells. The GM trucks are IFS (independent front suspension) AND we have square wheel wells to make things even more difficult. To fit a 20x12 on 35s on a GM you should probably invest in a 6" and crank the torsion keys all the way down if your looking to turn anything more than a quarter crank. Always remember that offset and what ve


Love the vid man, great experience on black ice crossing montana with the toyo oc mt's: as in 40 mph cross winds, 1/4" sheet of ice on side of truck, new alignment (with steering wheel straight as well) had my steering wheel turned 1/3 to maintain straight, great traction and no problem steering/ stopping. Around 2016 with polar vortex moving through...

That said, you being in the market for new tires, what is your pick after your experience with custom offsets?

My 172" wheelbase f350 would lose traction with all terrains and have zero grip in muddy grass areas, toyo gen 1 a/t 35x12.50/18. moved to mud terrain and never had that problem again. toyo forms tread-to-tire from tire molding, no tread caps like michelin or the known problem with firestone.... just a heads up, only michelin is bfgoodrich a/t k02 or their mud terrain (truck tires, different story for cars), however f150 and below m/t's, unless heavy suspension beefing, will destroy suspension components and void warranty. R


285/75/16 Us general best tires for my 2003 f150 4x4

Neal Myers 

Pat Clason -hopefully I can call you Pat. You read my mind, granted it was a very short story. It's just so nice to see someone tell it like it is in their videos. I have had some great customer service and some awful but these seem to be balanced and if I actually get some money again I'll support your suppliers as much as I can. Regular people treating people fairly what a concept. To bad it seems to have been lost somewhere with your phone spying on you to people using my credit card I have almost thrown in the towel but these videos give me some hope that real people exist.

Pilch Plays 

What's with the halo out of focus effect going on threw most of the video?


Save foxes again!


Can we please stop calling them rims?!?? Wheels!!! We are not playing basketball!

Greg Wallace 

Everybody knows what you are talking about when you say rims.

venger t1991 

9:48 what she said

Jack Slater 

44s on 15s is best. Any rim bigger than 15 just looks wrong.

Hunter Sieling 

More tire then rim. Otherwise your a pavement pounder

Jacob Mader 

"You can't fit that tire you rub the fender you need more lift"

No. I need the sawzall...

Personal preference black wheels look cheap can't wait for that fad to end... And run wheels about half diameter of the tire.

Marco Ferreira 



Tires and wheels, I've been watching snow plows for the last week. Purchased a Western V-plow to go on my 15 Silverado 2500HD W/a 4" lift.  Now with that being said, should I be concerned about my tires and the load rating to handle the plow?  Have 22" wheels with 35's, 10" wide.


Horrible music in background when trying to listen. Seriously why do people edit this way??

mitch denner 

In teg gral. Teg like peg

GordoWG1 WG1 

Some useful info' there but missed a lot - it's a huge topic and would take hours to cover all the basics, such as tyre construction crossply/bias-belted or radial; tyre tread; tyre compounds (soft or harder rubber); operating conditions and the compomises that result in using speciality tyres.

I would mention one of my personal bug-bears, though - wheel offsets, the difference between the wheel beads' centreline and the mounting flange! As a general rule that should be the same, or as close as possible to the stock factory value as it affects the scrub radius and will affect steering kickback/shake and effort required to turn the vehicle.With some vehicle/wheel/tyre combinations it may have to be increased towards the outside of the vehicle in order for the tyre to clear the chassis, body and/or steering and suspension, but it should be minimised - don't forget to check under full lock and articulation.

Depending on the factors mentioned in the first paragraph, it is quite possible th

Judge has the Word 

On my H2 Hummer one of them i have 35 x 12.15 / 20 on my other one i have 315 x 70 / 17 . that is a 34" tire my 04 H2 i like the ride lot better then the 03 h2 with 35 x 12.50 / 20 its great out on the Hwy driving . What i like i can go to a 37 " tire with out a lift kit.

Carl williams 

I just don’t like the looks of any wheel bigger than a 17 on a Jeep and no more than a load range D tire.

Jordan Rogers 

2017 ram 1500 with 2.5 level with 35s on 20s. Don't need a lift. I have no rub at all.

Rottie Bull 

I have an unmodified solid axle Cherokee. I tried crawling over a rock I couldn't and ripped off the front bumper. I have a big pile of logs I use for firewood. I'm fixing that bumper.

The moral of the story is when a dog that ran away at the trails, comes back to the trail head and runs away again, thinking "chasing him on the trails in the jeep is more fun than anger and cursing" gets your bumper ripped off.

When the Colorado parks department put the rocks around the parking lot that prevent you from driving onto the trail they know you're gonna try to crawl over it. 4inch lift needed.

Gregory Ferris 

You need to loo up torqe specs for your wheels

Michael B 

Great educational video!

Hoe Blow 

@11:23 looks like you have high tire pressure in the front only the center patch hitting.

Garden View Lawn care 

Stand where is there shop I am interested in getting a leveling kit and rims and tires


check your torque settings please Banker

Jason Morehouse 

buddy is a moron, the number of lugs does not determine the lug nut torque specs.