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Iswari Bahamas 

Thank you so much to Unbundled Attorney! This amazing service brings clients in need and caring attorneys together to create a win-win situation. The focus is on clients having access to budget-friendly options since all people deserve reasonably priced representation in their legal matters whether the service is for drafting documents, attending a hearing, or full representation from start to finish in a case. I am a provider attorney and have been working with the Unbundled Attorney network since April 2016. I am very happy! I have been able to build a successful law practice by following the mission statement of UA. I do all I can to help as many clients as possible and work to provide services that fit their budgets big or small. There is plenty of support for us and even though I am very busy I try to make the time to connect and listen to the free podcasts that are provided. We also had a meetup retreat in Colorado and even through I was not able to attend last-minute du