UH 78 - The Challenges of Scheduling A Specific Driver or Rider with Uber


Are you thinking about scheduling an Uber ride with a specific rider or driver? In this video I talk about some considerations in doing so.


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R Dixon 

Tried it. Successful once, failure several times. Only way I'll deal with it now is through Uzurv.com.

Jeff Brown 

Great video, Mark! I agree with everything you said -- in most cases, it's not worth it to try and pre-arrange a ride, for all of the reasons you mentioned. There are a few cases, however, when it DOES make sense. For example: A rider wants a ride from my neighborhood to the airport at 6 am, and I normally work early mornings anyway. This allows me to start my day efficiently with a good paying ride and then I continue working after that. Obviously, the person could be a no-show, but if I ordinarily work at that time anyway, it's not that big of a deal. The moral of my story is that sometimes pre-arranged rides can work at the BEGINNING of my driving shift, but not in the middle!

Francisco Velazquez 

uber changed the algorithm to match based on highest rated driver, its no longer the closest

Fit Con 

I have a couple of people that I help out with pre dawn Airport runs occasionally, and that like scheduling with me a week or so ahead of time. I confirm the day before. They have peace of mind that I'll be there on time. They have no problem paying with their PayPal or Venmo account. It's the start of the day for us both, so scheduling and or worrying about rides before theirs isn't an issue. Establishing these types of connections are best suited for those pre dawn morning airport rides. Picking them up from the airport is generally simple though; as you have plenty of time to structure your day for their return day so that picking them up doesn't conflict with anything, plus it's a garunteed ride. I simply consider or schedule my down time I go off app before hand for that cushion needed as my personal break for lunch or dinner coffee etc. For the most part, it works with one or two occasional regulars, little extra garunteed trip $. By no mean is it the bulk of ridesharing I do, bu

jason conditt 

what I see happening with drivers who schedule rides like this is they dont even fool with the app. Most go against the company policy and do it all cash. Uber and or Lyft dont get their cut.

Don Thigpen 

I do it for lucrative airport runs about 30 miles away. However, one time I was downtown and Ubers were all over the place. The passenger's pings never registered. I will still do it to book long-distance Uber rides. I took a passenger 150 miles once (5 hours). I got $20 per hour roundtrip plus $20 for $16 in gas ($120). Uber charged her $153.

Glenda Davis 

I personally think it's a waste of your time & more than likely the rider won't even want to pay for boost or Surge if they're in an area where it's busy during the pickup!

You're losing money as is & most of the people don't even appreciate the fact that drivers are actually doing them a favor.

George Penton 

If you want to be picked up at a certain time at a certain location,call a regular cab company. They are much better at handling this sort of thing.

Warren Blum 

I have set something up several times as a driver and just planned to so something else (gym, shopping, errands or whatever) for the hour before the arranged time. More often than not it has not worked out well for me - mostly just no shows. Very frustrating, I only do this now for reliable friends.

Ethan Kmetz 

This is why I wouldn't do this for just anyone. If it's someone I know personally and they wanted a ride then I might be more willing to try to set it up. Especially in the case that they're in an area that doesn't have high demand and they have a hard time getting a car. I know in the town I live in is not of high demand because when I open the app it says no cars available.

Armando Gomez 

As a driver I have encountered every scenario that you mentioned. I will never set an appointment with a client because it is not worth it. The worst one was a passenger wanted to be driven over 253 miles from Central Florida to Miami. This would've been a massive sales due to the fact in my market the rate per mile is $1.15. In addition to that Uber pays their drivers for the return trip from Miami. The reason why is because only Miami drivers to pick up in Miami. I went to the location 30 minutes prior and waited. I sent them a courtesy text message when I got there stating that I have arrived a little early and I can start at any time. 31 minutes later the client text me back stating that he no longer needs a ride and he is now taking greyhound. This was absolutely absurd.

dan benefiel 

I set up a ride a couple of times a month with a gentleman who needs a ride to the airport $30 run. Usually he leaves around 6 am and that's when I start driving so really no problem for me.

Juice 423 

it used be the closest rider to you but they changed it.

Glenn Blake 

The Uber/Lyft model doesn't work, is not setup for pre-scheduling. Bad idea.