Uber To Pay Millions to Drivers | Legal Settlement


Are you owed money from Uber? This video may help you find out.

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Sayed Hussein Qubadi 

And Mark, you suck lol.......

Sayed Hussein Qubadi 

To all uber drivers.

Uber law suit is all bullshit.

Just like last uber law suit, uber driver gets Jack shit.

Perhaps, $5 To $10 for uber driver once the law suit is settle.....

Edom Tedla 

i do not recommend contacting uber support through email.uber support hates the drivers. I can already see a bunch of 20 year old entitled pieces of shits having a power trip in response to issues a driver may have . the worst support in the history of support.a bunch of unsupervised damn asses from hell is what you get.I despise uber support but I gotta say my problems are usually solved when I call uber support....outsourced or not they listen and they have respect.unlike the tek bubble heads you contact via e-mail.not to mention the automated robot's response that is quiet often.tragic shit.

OBServe Garage 

I make an average of $100 a night (6PM to midnight). I’ve never gotten a ride during surge. Surges are RARE in Birmingham

RodGRAPPLER OrangeCounty 

To ALL DRIVERS, STOP giving automatic 5 Star rating to Riders.

Stop, Stop, Stop !!! All Riders Start at 4 Star Rating , then work up or down depending on the Quality of the rider. Just because a rider got in, got out and paid, Does NOT justify a 5 Star rating.

Just like ALL Drivers have to work and strive for 5 Stars, so should ALL Riders.

All riders start at 4 stars, then go up or down depending on the Quality of the rider.

I am tired of seeing an Obvious 1 star rider with a 5 star rating. 1 Star Riders should be on a bus or a bike, Not having the Privilege of riding in your car and getting 5 star service.

Yes people, it is a Privilege to ride in a nice, clean car and receive 5 star service for a riders measly $5 to $10.

Drivers, this is the Only job in the world that you have the ability to Rate and Review a customer / rider. Don't let your rate go to waste. By properly rating a rider you are helping other drivers be safe and create a positive environment.

Let me remind you, if

Bev Simmons 

Goty check

Jimmy Kush 

@kevin bento

$139 - $17 toll fee = $122

$122 - $70 gas = $47

(6:30 minutes for the trip to new york and back to RI)

$47 \ 6:30 hours = $7.23 an hour after expenses

The kicker is, you still need to pay taxes on that money.........

So on that trip you made roughly $40 profit for a 6:30 hour round trip... That's Crazy when you do the math.

Rick O'Shea 


kevin bento 

I’m still butt hurt for making a139 dollars for a 3 hour and ten minute drive from Providence Rhode Island to Manhattan New York I drive a GMC Yukon I don’t have EZ pass so yup I’m a sad clown. 17 dollar toll fee. And no tip

Manuel H 

I got my check $218.28 this week and deposit it right away ... I been driving since 2015 😊🤗

T Polite 

They also need to give out settlements for their slick worded bonus gaurantee at sign up. ...just saying.

unknown driver 

Uber is taking up to 65% commision in Miami i can not understand how come that company can do whatever the fuck they want. What is next we have yo pay them a fee when we drive bad or something?

DJ Cutz 

Call the FTC they have a list and a special customer service line 1-888-506-8281 that will tell you if your on the list

warren simpson 

Claims were legit, now their getting punished for lazy workers. Sounds bout right for these times were in

Marco A. Marcella 

The only $ this guy makes is from YouTube

Marco A. Marcella 

Now you can be just like a cabby!


MarK - I started driving in the Baltimore market in 2014. Still driving, and I can remember those ads. I signed up after hearing a local FM station running Uber ads using those inflated and unfounded income promises! On Friday, July 20, 2018 .... I no see checky~

Rideshare Robert!

T H 

Uber X in my area is paying so low makes no sense .6080 per mile it should at least be $1

Johnny P 

The only way I just calculated the number that came out to a 100k. You have to drive 12 hours everyday and average $23 an hour. Which all of us drivers know its not possible to hit the same numbers on a daily basis. Some weeks I may kick ass and some weeks I do terrible and some I do the usual.

I also have an Uber lease car, the lowest at the time were $140 and the highest were $180 for a economy sedan.

Chris Barrett 

I am apart of settlement I started driving in Minneapolis in 2014 and got the class action form which I gladly submitted back!! 😂🤣 If I remember I will message how much it was.

steve winters 

There's no fing way..i drive 60 hrs week and make a $1000

Lisa Barber 

SOME PEOPLE MAKE $90,000 DRIVING FOR UBER you said? What are you smoking?

juice323 blue 

Not me

Maria Espinoza 

Uber it's a scam...sheeper then a buss ???

4 peapole ride for $5.00 and the buss it's _$2.75



The New York Ride Share Xperience 

Uber/Lyft Drivers in NYC are not Rideshare Drivers. They are governed by the TLC and are considered FHV ( For Hire Vehicles ). They do not fall under the state Ridershare Laws which cover the entire state, outside of NYC.

Drive hard Earn Hard 

look like no check for me

Joe Ruiz 

Anyone get a check yet?

Michael Robert 

This just in... fucking awesome


Waiting for my check!

Started in 2014 when rates were $1.25 per mile.

Almost 4 years later and the rate is .7350 cents per mile.

That is .52 cents less per every mile, or $52.00 less for every 100 miles driven.

I deserve a big check!

Bvloging Life 

Damn why not Milwaukee

Bvloging Life 

I’m at the 20/80 percent

Robert Allen 

They should be giving out checks no matter when someone started!

Bvloging Life 

I was driving

Frank C Foster III 

I drive in south philly I know I ain’t getting this shit 😂🤪

Wrong said Fred 3 

WOW, 250.00 big ones! How will I ever spend it all?? Won't even pay for a week's gas! What was the lawyers payout? UBER sucks and blows!!!

egigster troll 

Lyft was bad at advertising $35 per hour, I have seen more of those


A company lying to and fucking over its employees? Shock and awe!


Haha can't make this kind of stuff up. Orlando ubers third world country is not on it

The Fat Man 

So if you leased a car or are a new York York SFO driver, you're getting paid, otherwise you're getting nothing

The Fat Man 

A court ordered settlement and they're going to stop payment?