Uber's New Taxonomy


Is this Uber's attempt at solving an international problem, or is this just another PR stunt?

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William Belott 

nicely done Mark, yes Uber is forcing us to be nothing more than a taxi cab or limo driver by being stoic, quiet drivers with zero facial expression. This then, will lower our ratings to the point of deactivation. Because now we'll get lower ratings for not being friendly. Yup, they win again!

Bitcoin Ninja 

Funny how girls dress with almost nothing and then they get mad for people looking at them? If I wore skimpy clothes i would totally expect to draw attention that's why I don't!

A Dad Supreme 

Just get an Owl video camera. Case closed. Any firing you get for just "looking at a passenger wrong"in your car will be proven false very easily in court. It's like the one guy who had the gay Hispanic Trump-voting passenger in his car. He was getting threatening constantly and falsely reporting on the phone in real-time to the company, meanwhile his video camera recorded him just sitting there doing nothing at all. Videos like this are making a mountain out of a molehill honestly.

Jon Glauner 

Tackling protesters at their HQ is acceptable? Uber=Morally Bankrupted

Russell Smith 

OMG this is just out there that UBER wants to cover their arses ! This is straight looning thinking.

Bvloging Life 


Michael Robert 

Sexual harassment is a legal term. UBER has no authority to give the term it's own meaning by adding things that are not within the accepted definition. We are all kept to the accepted meaning of a term if we use the term. One definition of sexual harassment is the following: Sexual harassment is defined as unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature.

With respect to the position UBER is trying to impose on us, "staring" is not included. Staring is merely a form of looking, which is not actionable. Staring is NOT sexual harassment. PERIOD

Andrew Hudson 

Woman are just as much a sexual predator. Ive been subjected to it. And to say they don't want to be looked at? How about we check their Instagrams and see if they are searching for likes and comments about their appearance. If you don't wanna be stared at, then don't leave the house looking like a prostitute.

Richard Schwartzentrub Jr 

Nice Commentary Mark.


Cool! Thanks for this post.   Some Waymo news https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Jf1ZM-ho4o

James Campbell 

What we have here is a company who will put everything into context in favor of the rider, while outright deciding what forms of proof of incident they feel you don't need submission options and access to, like the dashcam.

I'd like to know if this is in the new Taxonomy.

Jay Leon 

Staring and leering?? Human interaction has to do with checking your passengers. If you are in a crowded location where many riders are waiting for drivers, you have to locate your rider and start looking for them. Specially if you're on the phone with them and you are looking for someone on the phone to find your passenger. In that case, you would have to stare at him/her to check is the right person. In Lyft, you have to make sure the picture in the app matches the person you're picking up. Staring is when you're doing it more than two times while passenger is inside the car. I always recommend to avoid third eye contact with passengers unless you think your life is in danger or you think your passenger is doing something unappropiate in the back.

jason conditt 

Unfortunately Uber has become a vehicle for social engineering. All these folks from the Left and far Extreme Left are being welcomed with open arms and their agenda of turning common sense upside down is being implemented. This is just pushing me as a driver and customer away. I think I will remove my Uber sticker from the windshield today. Lyft will be next since their policy is to mirror Uber on almost everything. Thankfully I got a real job and do not depend on these companies anymore.

Bvloging Life 

Just wear dark sunglasses lol

Doug Kroger 

The sexual assault is when you take me into your bed room lol.


I'm seriously curious about the hotel videos

Tim Kallas 

Where on the list does meeting my wife of 44-1/2 years in a hallway outside a zoology class rank me

Mamiya Phan 

The Marxist Socialist Jews were behind the untimely deaths of hundreds of millions of people in the 20th century, millions so far in the 21st century, and are the reason why American males are a defacto conquered people. Apparently their disciples from the Obama administration waffled into management positions at Uber to influence its corporate taxonomy policy. ( I am aware this is beyond the IQ and education of your average Lyft and Uber driver, but not all and I'm not being antisemitic. The most beloved people in my life are Jewish.) Anyway, visit the Marxist Socialist Zionist Jew family court downtown, men, to find out how you will be treated by your favorite rideshare if some harlot complains hard that you "sexually assaulted" aka "eye fucked" her doing an Uber pool ride and you dont have dashcam video to make a Christine Bleakely Ford of her.

The Rideshare Hub 

i think Uber Pro is really going to change the way drivers approach their careers. It's going to incentivize a lot of drivers to drive more.


Does this new thought crime taxonomy apply to passengers, or is it only to be used against drivers?

America's Average 

We are the new social police I'm a socialist now oh boy fuck Obama

Dave Carter 

I have 3 daughters all in their 20's now. Although they would wear clothes and shoes that would accentuate their curves and make up to improve their looks, staring or looking at them would be inappropriate if they were not attracted to the perpetrator.

Keto - Walk - Get Fit 

Great point.


Eat what you want Mark. Moderation is key.


Drivers Union 

We have big problems in USA drivers passing on the right line this forcing me many times if I want change line to turn my head to right and automatically staring on passengers sitting on the back seat passenger side so now luck I can't turn my head to right because I can be accuse for sexual assault if I luck center and right mirror as well as back passenger door windows!!! I THINK uber policy makers need syries consulting with psychiatry doctor because is something wrong with this people brains!!!!

No Limitation Rideshare 

Dude, you forgot the biggest problem with this list! The whole thing is about women feeling "uncomfortable." Wtf? I have vids on my channel of women passengers touching the fuck out of me! This whole 21 anything is trash!!!

Bitches touch me and their going on the internet. Anyone claims that I touched them and I swear to god I will put the realest truth all over the internet.

Timothy Smith 

Leering is a VERY subjective assessment. Rape needs proof. Leering? Not so much. Better have your cameras up.

Rob M 

once you're alone in the car with a female, the risk is there.. They can accuse you for no reason at all. All you need is 1 customer in a bad mood to get deactivated.


As a woman Uber driver I can personally account for women who tell me male drivers make advances at them and make them feel uncomfortable. Asking them their age, if they are married or single, if they have children, and all kinds of things. I get you may feel uncomfortable but it happens way too often for women drivers and passengers. There's an Uber driver who brags about being a bachelor and driving so he can look at the "hot chicks". I can tell you first hand it makes many passengers feel unsafe. Too many male uber drivers are doing this Mark, sorry.

egigster troll 

be careful about your checking your rear view mirrors hahaha each time you glance the person behind is going to think something :P


I thought that you were going to be giving a lecture on Taxonomy related to Families, Genuses, and Species for a moment there!

I am especially fond of the Hot-Roddicus Supersonicus, and the Carnivorous Vulgaris!

I have stopped providing rides to passengers, so it is doubtful that I will be involved in any sexual harassment issues when delivering food, but you never know!?

I could have sworn that the very attractive lady who opened her door, only to unexpectedly find me standing there with her food got quite a start, and I am pretty sure that she was undressing me with her eyes once she got over her surprise!

Michael Robert 

At what point does a look become a stare? We drive to pick up a person we know nothing about except the name they imputted for their account. Now we can't even look at them. What if the ridder is a scammer or wishing to take advantage of us in some way, like theft or robbery. The cop will ask us what they looked like and the answer is: I don't know, I'm not allowed to stare.


Its simply uber fagzzz are upto their own tricks again ,

Staring , you have to look into mirror man , this is uber adopting stupid feminism rules from Dubai,

LGBT culture is getting on to control people's livelyhood for their own purpose,

Staring, means dictating and preaching man's freedom of expression, as that is how mans should behave in their own space

This is slavery ,

Dara khosropussy and his team of fags and the baggage of feminists freaks ,

Women's are freaks and narcissist and they want to destroy man's world of freedom through their agenda of oppression,

If a man stares a man in the public bathroom it is than the only place it can be extremely uncomfortable at staring,

The riders leers and stares drivers like hell when they are choosing to be paranoid ,

So where are the freaking drivers rights , like they never ever existed

Me too my ass

Square Peg 

The world has become so crazy. I am afraid to give women friendly compliments. I'd actually like to find something nice to say to every one of my passengers, but I'd be afraid that it would be interpreted wrong. This is a world where we can't be nice to people without someone judging us as to what hidden motive we have.

Uber 757 


Bvloging Life 

More passengers will be eating this up to get free rides or someone deactivate

Vegan Gem 

In islamic countries, its illegal for men to stare at women.. and women have to keep their eyes lowered.. when out.. Is it going to come to this? I wonder if our freedom is getting lessened once again? AND I wonder if this goes two ways?? what about the inappropriate rider???? Cuz this happened to me shortly after I just started.. I think it was my 5th rider.. I mentioned it before in a comment, I picked up this drunk 19 yr old kid.. and he started pawing on my shoulder, asking me to go out to dinner with him. I told him that is not going to happen.. I am working and 40 years older than him, and I dont date drunks even if age wasnt a factor.. well this kid got all disturbed by me turning him down, I had dropped him off at his doorstep.. he told Uber I was drunk, and they shut me down for 2 days while they "investigated". I told them I never drink.. it makes me ill.. but they sided with the rider.. I dont know why.. They also refunded his money to him.. it was a surge, so I should have

James Broome 

Okay on the Obama Administration thing I would be careful I do find that comical the and as far as the rest you're absolutely correct I have met several people that I talk to outside of work I have not started dating anyone that I have given her a ride to but but I have connected with people

Bvloging Life 

Don’t stare at a passenger to long


What a load of crap. What if the rider is "staring" at the driver? The driver should sue the rider and Uber for not screening passengers.

Dewey Fisher 

No flirting! I drive in L.A. I once drove a group of porn actresses who flirted with me the entire time. I have driven groups of ladies out for an evening many times. They're much more suggestive and "dirty" than a group of men. Are riders in trouble, too?

Todd Cummings 

Why are you in hotels so much

Dewey Fisher 


The Fat Man 

You beat me to it lol

George Schneider 

Hey Mark!

Is Lyft following the same taxonomy?

Shane Canfield 

Good luck with no staring Uber in Miami Beach. Collins avenue. People almost naked everywhere.

Kris O 

This is UBER i am not sure why anyone is surprised at their actions.

Jose Ruiz 

I thought they were frowning upon people giving out their Uber Code for signing up new drivers? But your advertising it! 🤔

George Schneider 

Time to turn on your Van True N2 PRO. and move to Lyft or leave Ridesharing.

David Sincere 

On Mark unfortunately this is more of the same. And I think you stated the case very well. I don't want to say anything else because I not sure if I'm going to offend somebody. And I don't want to do that.

David Traylor 

Apparently Uber also thinks "staring" includes letting people see your referral code.