Tyson Foods Writes Arkansas' LAWS- V1 Pt 1 PROOF Tyson Foods WROTE CURRENT ARK. WORK COMP LAWS


T H I S IS T H E P R O O F ! BOYCOTT TYSON FOODS VIDEO 001 DANIEL J. KIDD & PBT v ARK.WORK.COMP.COMM. & -TYSON FOODS, INC.-TYNET Unbelievably, the state government of Arkansas has allowed it second largest employer and political contributor to actually dictate the laws of the state of Arkansas. In this case, the current workers' compensation laws of Arkansas were written by the current head of Tyson Foods, Inc.-Tynet. Therefore, as in the case of Daniel Joseph Kidd, (who was poisoned for 18 months by Tyson Foods Berryville Production Line 10's smoke & natural gas leaking fryers and is still suffering permanent damage due to CARBON MONOXIDE, SMOKE INHALATION AND HEAT EXHAUSTION), was denied the right to file work comp, by Tyson's nurses for 18 months. Then when Kidd's wife filed the paperwork, it was denied even though Berryville's Complex Manager, Michael Armstrong, promised to help Kidd get Work Comp. Armstrong also promised Kidd 3 months of short term disability and then 2 y...

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