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A step-by-step tutorial on how to replace the front glass, digitizer & LCD Screen assembly on the iPod Touch 4th Generation (4G) White. Anyone with a little patience should be able to complete this repair on their own with the right tools.

This will correct:

-Cracked Glass

-Dead Pixels in LCD Screen

-Cracked LCD Screen

-Dead Spots in Touch Screen

Parts and tools kits are available on our website.

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You are the man/woman!!! Best instructional video as I replaced my screen without a problem. Thanks G-Menders

Mehdi Hakimi 

can you help me GadgetMenders

Mehdi Hakimi 

hey I just opened my ipod 4g 16 gb because the screen was cracked but then I tried putting the normal screen back, the touch screen didnt work, because the plastic in the digitiser accidently came out, I don't know if that's an issue I tried to put it back, it still didn't work. the home button doesn't work, It works when I click it with my finger nail and doesn't work when I put the home button and try to click it. can u please help me as soon as possible because I don't want to lose my ipod its new

Mr Unthinkable 

I followed this step by step and it works great, thanks for your detailed tutorial. It's nice to get an informative tutorial with close up and good descriptions without stupid music playing over and bits missing.

Thanks again.

Yusei Fudo Lover 

On my iPod the WiFi connects but later it disconnects

Yumi Wolf 

can you replace the screen to remove dead pixel if i replace the screen will the dead pixel go away?

Steve Miller 

This is the second time I have use this video to help me replace an iPod screen. Thank you for making such a comprehensive video. Both times Successful.

Christopher Boose 

Great video. I'm looking to do this repair for a friend, but I'm seeing model A1357 on the back of a white model. Since I don't own one of these, I checked and that model number seems to be associated with the charger, not the device which everyone lists as A1367. Can I assume I'm looking at an iPod Touch 4?

PC principle 

If I try to fix the screen will the device reset all my data.

R Weaver 

what do you do if you did everything on the replacement and then the touch screen doesn't work and you cant unlock the screen?

Mike Escobar 

it worked YAY THX

Aspen Desiree 

When you change the screen does it reset the whole thing?

Lizzy Mizzy 

I wanted to know the steps to replace the screen so i can do it myself......but half way im just like "im just gonna pay some people to replace it for me..."I cant risk damaging my ipod even more...

Arren Ang 

Hey help me to repair my iPod touch 32gb? Please ? I dont want to lose it. Its screen is cant touch. :(

Tracy Paul Downs 

I purchased the Screen Replacement/Digitizer and completed the removal/install.

I first got the white screen, but then reset it and now can see the screen saver. All is good. Picture on the whole screen. However, it does NOT respond to touch. Reset again. Still no response.

What now??

32 Keys 

what size clamps did you use

Outcast Soldier 

all i did was open it disconnect led then connected then put back now it wont turn on


Hi there, so is better to buy the whole thing? I actually got only the digitizer, is that not a good idea to replace only the digitizer?


So My Ipod 4s is cracked heavily but Ive had no problem for almost 5 or so months until last night in which I have tried putting in my code but the bottom row of numbers 789 do not work but the rest of the screen responds fine. I tried to reset it 3 times with no luck

Ibraheem mohammed 

If the copper part has completely snapped what do yo do

RC World 

my bord get broken. What to do HELP

Ayshanti Canton 

mine wont let me touch the screen. it turns on but it the touch is unresponsive. what do i do?

Santos Prod. 

my iPod power button is jammed, so i use assistive touch to lock it.. is it even worth to try and fix my screen? what if i have to reset my iPod the power button doesn't work.

ashley miler 

Ok so I've checked that the cords are snapped in 3 times bet my iPod won't turn on......HELP!!!!!

Craig Martynn 

i cant seem to plug in the Digitizer cable.. any help?

MG skull world 

ok ok why you remove  the inside part out ? is just the front glass

Captain Pantaloons 

Great guide, very detailed and nothing left out.

zac drury 

my screen loads up and everything but my screens touch is unresponsive why

allyourgeek fireflytardis 

Thanks.  I used this video to change my screen out today.  When the screen turned white I thought it was done for... then reviewing the tail end I realized... 

1) I had my digitizer cable bent the wrong way.  apparently this will make the screen turn white when putting pressure at the top.

2) I had to reset the ipod power.

After I did both of those it worked well. :)

cameron lupei 

I am repairing my ipod's cracked screen/LCD. I did everything, tested it, and I was working 100% However, the glass just didn't fit and I needed to bend out a corner. I did this. Then, when I was ready to glue/set it, I connected the screen to the motherboard again, except this time it did not turn on. So I reset. This gave me a black screen with only the opposite side, (the LCD lit up.) How can I fix this?

Josh Rotondo 

Where can i get those clamps from and how much are they? Is there anything I can use as a substitute?

Nick Goodemote 

should you still use super glue gel

mari da creator 

mine is really really broken! glass gomes off.. BIG GLASS PIECES!!!

kids anderson 

Now it won't turn on at all. :(

Pyro 123321 

If I reset the iPod but the screen still white what else can I try

Jackie Perez 

I just the screen on my ipod touch 4g and when I turned it on the screen was all white but voice control was talking what should in do?

قديمك نديمك 

Crashes his iPod and became the screen appears in different colors and then color color after update ios6 what the problem Please answer me

Datazz Doe 

Thanks man really helped. U have the most best instructions for this replacement on YouTube. Keep up the good work

Irene Smith 

awesome thanks!!

Adasa Lockhart 

Well took my brother and i 3 hours to do this lol. But then guess what! The ipod wouldn't power on. We found an explanation to rectify that though. (ground the battery terminal). The ipod works great now, no more flickering screen.


The plastic cover with numbers got removed and I put it back on, but it still doesn't work.

Mia Chastain 

Is the super glue gel an option?

Jesus Soria 

I accidentally bent the plastic bezel inside and around the metal housing.. Is there a way to fix this? I also have a portion of my screen that is white when I turn it on but the digitizer works fine.. any clues? Hard reset didnt work

Scott chill 

why when everything is plugged in all i get is a white blank screen

Sarah Beaulieu 

Can I repair my broken black ipod screen with a white replacement one?

Steve Williams 

This should be the standard for all video tutorials. Excellent!

Diego Rendon 

Where do you get the stuff


Does the Screen have to be on for the iPod to Charge or connect to the computer?

Sumit Ojha 

after waiting this 19:33 long video I understand that it's not possible for me to replace the screen at home. 

is this possible to send you ipod and you will resent after fixing it

Jennifer Tzaquitzal 

Does it matter what screws go where?