[Tutorial]: Intro to SiteCatalyst 15: Dashboards


This video is the REMASTERED version with higher quality video.

This tutorial will introduce the user to dashboards in SiteCatalyst 15, everything from adding reports to dashboards, modifying the dashboard layouts, and the back-end management of the dashboards.


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Saurabh Rawat 

do you give online training personally?

Casa Yaguarete 


Benita Oyawoye 

Hi, is a deck another term for dashboard?

Sam Sandhu 

Thanks very much for taking the time to make a video on this topic , as I haven't been able to find enough learning and resource on this Grey area in order for me to truly progress in a professional capacity. Please continue to make more video's and they are really helpful and I like so many others Appreciate your efforts.

Sean Kubin 

This is slightly off-topic, but when you added Mobile OS to the Training Dashboard, there was a large unknown component. Am I right to assume this was because you didn't segment and it was showing desktops (non-mobile) hits?

Rakesh Mungal 

Great video.  Question: If you utilize the FTP function to publish a dashboard and set a schedule, will it automatically write over the previous version when the newest one runs?  Seems more efficient if able than daily emails of large PDFs, just have the latest available.