Tutorial - Deploy your ASP.NET 5 App to a Docker Container in five minutes (3/7)


In this video, we'll take a quick lap around the Visual Studio Tools for Docker Preview extension to build an ASP.NET website, provision an Azure virtual machine with the Docker extension, auto-configure authentication and publish your app into a container.

Get Visual Studio Tools for Docker Preview: http://aka.ms/vslovesdocker

Ronald Ibañez 

does it work with mysql too?

Christopher Mohammed 

Can I deploy other projects using docker? Projects such as Windows services and Console Apps?

Sachin Mishra 

Is it possible to add existing WCF reference in asp.net core 2.0 apps ?

Abdul Razzaq 

suffering with same issue no option for docker

Manish Dangol 

so this is the easiest way to run ASP.NET apps in linux?

Nguyễn Xuân Hoàng 

At Step: Publish Web. I didn't Docker Containers although I installed Docker Toolbox.

Can anyone tell me reason why? Which do I need to install firstly?

Nguyễn Xuân Hoàng 

could you tell me which Windows OS are you running?