Turok 2 Seeds of Evil All Weapons Explosions Nukes Flamethrower Nuclear Warhead


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Turok 2 Seeds of Evil All Weapons Explosions Nukes Flamethrower Nuclear Warhead

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Channel:  AcidGlow

I used to have so much fun with cerebral bore lol.


The last weapon (the nuke) is like if you blended together the Particle Accelerator, the Fusion Cannon & the Chronoceptor into one

Steven D. 

I bet the Cerebral Bore inspired the Skull Drill from Thing-Thing 4.

Chris Marek 

Cast of weapons in order of appearence:

1. Torpedo launcher

2. Talon

3. War Blade

4. Bow

5. Tek bow

6. Pistol

7. Mag 60

8. Tranquilizer gun

9. Charge dart rifle

10. Shotgun

11. Shredder

12. Plasma rifle

13. Firestorm cannon

14. Sunfire pod

15. Cerebral bore

16. PFM layer

17. Grenade launcher

18. Scorpion launcher

19. Flamethrower

20. Razor wind

21. Nuke

Not shown: Flare gun, Harpoon gun

Fernando Uema 


Ladybug 012 

The Cabral Bore and the Dark Matter Beam are my fav's god looking at this reminds me off the feelings I got playing this game. I used to electrocute them then Cerebral Bore them it is awesome and I love shooting that Dark Matter Beam in the distance just to see it boom them to death 😃.


Some of the most badass weapons I've ever seen in a game to date. I love the way the bladed boomerang comes back drenched in blood. lol And my favs were the Cerebral Bore and the Nuke, of course. The Bore was inspired by the metal balls from Phantasm! I remember the first time I fired it, I was only a kid, and it scared me! That horrible hissing drill sound, all that blood and brains gushing out, then BOOM!!! Head blows off. But damn, was a it satisfying. lol

The animation of the monsters still holds up today. Almost 20 years later. Amazing.

draco darkness 

esos hermosos polígonos me dan nostalgia :,)

Wolfie Elque 

oh man, the nostalgia...


please do turok 3 weapons!


They need to remake turok 2

Romantis Anon 

that cerebral bore thing reminds me of the orbs from phantasm

Andrew Joseph 

The cerebral bore... Now there's something I haven't seen or heard in literally 20 years, and within 2 seconds so many memmories came back.

Pablo Fierro 

Such an underrated game

Yoshiof Awesomeness 

I still have N64 System.


this is like my favorite fps of all time


Annouce that both Turok & Turok 2 are remade / remasters....said coming soon.Can't wait.


This game's death animations were so hardcore

I am Alucard 

They dont make em like these anymore.

Detective Joshua 

God this game RULES! I still have it. :-)


I don't know what it is but the plasma rifle feels so right

mike springer 

the the weapons the nuke weapon is bad ass and the cerebral bore is one nasty weapon

mike springer 

my fave game for the 64 and one of my favs of all time


Daaaaamn that last gun, =O you would never see guns like that in FPS games today.

Bad Drivers of Moose Jaw 

Always loved the Cerebral bore. Once I fired it at a raptor and after it blew his head off, it walked around for a few seconds before it died. So funny.


1:27 nobody bitch slaps Turok!


I remember back when I saw the cerebral bore for the first time when I was seven or eight, the fact that this stuff didn't freak me out back then makes me think that I was fucked up as a kid


0:33 = "Fuck this shit..." xD

Ezra Ortiz 

Nuke beats all. But cerebral bore was 2nd best. Beware oblivion Is at hand is the cheat for everything


Great great awesome game love it


Goddamn i played this back in the time where i was maybe 12 or something. No wonder i was scared all the time playing it, it is fricken sick! Good old times... ;)


I always loved the Mag 60 such a great 3 round burst machine pistol with great power, firing rate, and such a cool powerful sound it makes, it is one of my favorite weapons.


Too bad they don't make games like these anymore, which is a shame it makes me sad.

James Beaumont 

Wow this brings back alot of memories loved this game and still do

Louis Minett 

Good weapons great game


a lot of these weapons look like predators weapons




Classic game. First was still better though.


I like to bring back the retro stuff when I have a reason to =)


dat brain eater


The reason i love this channel.

You always brings back the good ol' games.