Turn Windows 10 laptop into wiFi Hotspot -mobile Hotspot/wireless Hotspot - Effortlessly & Free


In this video watch how to turn your Windows PC into a wireless/wifi hotspot. A free Windows 10 hotspot function is now built into Windows 10 latest Anniversary Update version. It's fun, easy and free to do. It will take you less then a minute to turn your PC/laptop into a WiFi hotspot Windows 10. My video allows you to see Windows 10 hotspot einrichten\setup in action. Opt for a free WiFi hotspot, mobile hotspot or wireless hotspot by observing my video. A laptop hotspot can happen for your today without any extra software or additional cost to you.

This plain and simple Windows 10 wifi hotspot software that is included with Windows 10 Anniversary Update at no cost to you. How cool is this? Let me tell you, the Windows hotspot works flawlessly and is fast too! I love it. I'm able to make a hotspot connection from my mobile devices like my phone and table almost instantly without lag.

What is a wifi hotspot? What is a portable wifi hotspot?

A mobile/portable wifi hotspot is a ph...

Roger Seal Master 

How do i connect to it im so confused!?!?!?

Butterfly 9 

Clicking the mobile hotspot and the Wi-Fi allows only myself to use this right? Outsiders on the street can't use it as a hotspot can they?

Respond soon plz.

Teddy BearWinchester 

I tried doing this but my mobile hotspot is blocked. I tried turning on the Wi-Fi but it turns off by itself. Keeps saying Wi-Fi 2 is turned off.

Kittypup Senpai 

i tried updating laptop to version 1709 my laptop is at risk downloading it help mehhjhhhh

Prince Obebg 

How can u turn the Bluetooth on when everything there is not high lighted

ronan yeong 

does it charge you, if so what will this charge in?

Wakeel ahmad 

these option can not come in my computer

Social Worker 

When i given name in edit and On the Mob Hotspot option the msg shows that we can't setup mobile hotspot

subramaniam jawahar 

Very nice e


My other devices can’t connect to it. It says unable to connect but the hotspot is on

Bardhi Grainca 

how do i make a hotspot without the need to write a password??

agborsangaya jesse 

Please help. My phone is connected to my laptop wifi but i do not have access to the internet on my phone. Internet is working very well on my laptop but not on my iphone which is connected to the hotsport

Pac Man 

guys its only on hp and dell

Andrew Schwenk 

now that i have done everything you said, am i able to brows the internet just by using my computer hotspot, or is it just for connecting other devices?

Clark Motus 

i think its patched there's no mobile hotspot

Manish Meena 

hey I don'the have mobile hotspot option

slad tatas 

what if I want to use my android phone as an internet hotspot for my laptop. I try to connect it with my laptop but after I fill required password it simply tells me :unable to connect , what do I do ?


Thank you very mutch!!! <3

Rajesh Singha 

After activating mobile hotspot on the computer when I turn on wifi on my phone after giving password it only shows "obtaining IP address" and finally does not connect. How can I solve this problem?

Zyxius ™ 

This isn't free, it's genius.

David muchopa 

it says i cant turn on hotspot turn on wifi

Ella Elamparo 

I cant connect it.

Jaw Dropper100 

thank you,that was very helpful


my laptop doesn't show me "share your internet from ---- "wifi"

it just shows by "ethernet "

plz help

Mesno barole 

I didn't find the mobile hotspot option


Thank you for your video, it was very helpful, I was able to connect trough Bluetooth. I am using a cable connection for my laptop and i wanted first to connect my mobile phone to my lap using wifi but it doesnt allows me . its tell me you have to turn on wifi which I am not using. is there a trick to make my lap a wifi spot ?


my phone cant find the hotspot?????????? pls help???????btw I am on a desktop pc with no Ethernet I have a usb wifi connector

UZzy Beatz 

Is there a way to change the mobile hotspot from public to private so that can get a better connection for my xbox?


Thanks :-)


If I enable my vpn for my laptop and I want to connect my xbox to my laptop hotspot will the xbox benefit from the VPN?

Zain Ullah 

bro my computer does,t showing Mobile Hotaopt option in Network & Internet corner

E.L. Bl/Du 

Nick, Ok I dont get it, what is the advantage of doing this? I already am connected to wifi, please help a newwbie (already subscribed)

Logan Calaway 

Interesting but I'm not sure I understand the use for it.

Luis Jonathan 

hello nick i have a little problem, my phone can connect to my pc but i cant get any internet connection from it. do you have any idea how to fix this? thank you.

Don Goldwyn 

many thanks for the Information I will try this asap.

Luis Jonathan 

thanks nick this is pretty cool.

Tearfury King 

Thank give this information.

Eagle Ales 

good info and i like it,nick thank you.

Ex-Law Enforcement 

Now this is pretty cool and be able to do. Thanks for your info. I'll have to try it out after I get home tonight.