Tug McTighe at AAF Baton Rouge, January 2014


Jedi Copywriter

or Everything I Need to Know about Advertising Learned From Star Wars

Is Yoda really a Jedi Master or great creative director?

Why is Darth Vader hiding in your awards annual?

What is a Padawan Learner and how can becoming one make you a better creative person?"

Do lightsabers really still exist? What about light tables?

Learn the answers to these questions and many more when Tug McTighe and John January present, "Jedi Copywriter or Everything I Needed To Know About Advertising I Learned From Star Wars."

No matter what your job title is, these Jedi Copywriters will help you find a fresh perspective on enjoying your creative life. Heck, you might even remember why you chose this crazy business in the first place.

The Force will be with you, always. But only if you check out this acclaimed and energizing presentation by two ad guys who, by their own admission, will kinda remind you of the Ewoks.

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