Truck Drivers Beaten Robbed Wisconsin Rest Area | Red Viking Trucker


Truck Drivers Beaten Robbed Wisconsin Rest Area | Red Viking Trucker

truckers beaten and robbed at Wisconsin rest areas

heres is the article about the truck driver assault and robbery

incident at Wisconsin rest areas

here is the news video of the truck driver beating and robbery

there have been 2 incidents like this exact attack

also a story about driving thru hurricanae irma

Buk Lau 

I'm using MyRadar app it's working well and weather channel app is good too. It keeps you updated by sending notifications. One more app called Weather Live, it's very customizable

Home Recka 

I'm a big guy but I know bullets don't care about size.

Jason Bell 

In the interest of my own safety, I usually won't take a 10 out of desperation at a chain-up area or beside a ramp, like so many folks do. A log violation is a cheap price for reaching a safe-haven rather than setting myself up for a preventable accident, or to be a criminals target of opportunity.. Likewise, parking on a shoulder beside hi-speed traffic is much more dangerous than stopping briefly beside ramps where traffic is substantially slower. In hi winds I tend to chat on the CB for intel about overturned vehicles, etc

before deciding to shutdown early.

Summer Knight 

You do the best videos when you solo drive. Well done. Great info.

NC Styles 

Purchase a taser and pepper spray.


Is it OK to carry a paintball gun on your truck loaded with mace balls for protection?


West Philadelphia born and raised kicking asses how I spent most of my days, 6 foot 4 300 lb bodybuilding and powerlifting for 15 years I am so ready

Pamela Homeyer 

24/7 ADT type security system

Applying pepper spray and takes photo... sending ring to 24/7 people... who then get GPS fix on me and call police. 2nd never leave the truck if possible.

Eric Mathson 

Many truckers conceal carry for safety?


noaa is the best info. no app that i know of, but if you want the best data, noaa website will give you everything you can possibly want to know

DieselTrucker 2018 

There are classes called Adult Combat Training Or Street Fighting classes. BING it!

Jack Ptak 

Stupid criminals targeting truckers, don't they know the majority of Truckers are broke or never carry cash.

Shawn Brisk 

Keep a gun on you or a knife..I don't mind Killing someone if that person threatening me and my family

edwin gonzalez 

yes it happened near my home town in dodge county or so i heard i dont live out there anymore.. shitty situation tho.


What are your thoughts of guns and trucks I am starting a new career soon and I'm wondering if I can take my pistol with me

Kevin Parnell 

Does the robbery thing happen often?

Tony Smith 

Always be aware of your surroundings.No matter where you stop.

rig rocker 

At night carry a key between your lead hand between your index and middle finger. Always have a bottle and a bucket in the trk you gotta be bit hardcore out here. Right keep a well stocked trk.if the wind nocks me out of my lane i shut down. Theres no load so hot it wont cool off in a ditch.god bless. Watch your six

Clyde Str 

I used a CB !

Jon Richardson 

Some fuck head tries,to rob me prepare ur self if u thought sabu in ecw was crazy with barb wire tangle with me and youll.get 2 times that

Mamiya Phan 

Or you can practice Street diplomacy which is take my wallet have a good evening

Kliness DeButy 

I love NOAA app. I especially like the desktop website. And as far as precipitation goes, if you google NOAA QPF you'll get the most amazing rain maps. Thanks for all the shared information and shared experiences. I start Truck driving school in Tennessee on the 16th and am being sponsored by a major Flatbed company. You have been an enormous resource. Thank you.


Perhaps this will change a few days things. Buffett listens well.

Tymothi Coffee 

Red this video shows an amazing maneuver when the driver saves his semi from tipping over in winds about 43 knots. So, all you truckers subscribing to this channel, view and take notes on how you'd save your tractor in a similar situation. Click the link.

Feral Smoke

B- trucker 

Yep that is why I carry my gun and ready to shoot any of these lazy jobless bitches between the eyes🖒


Off I-95 NC some lady was knocking on my door asking for gas money I told her I will call police for her cause I'm broke but I looked around for other trucks she went to them too but I got up and left but the rest areas I only stop at is the ones that have other trucks in it

DianaStar Conway 

I hear that on the be safe tip. I'm from Brooklyn im all over the place in Northeast as well as the Southeast you have to stay woke.  You can't sleep on the South.  

I'm getting ready to drive for CR England in a few weeks CDL training.  give me some feedback.


Cross country with the Bergey's 

NOAA .. life saver.. and if your not looking at it at that particular moment it will beep several times to notify you that something is going on in the area that your in!

Tienie Henning 

Hi Red Viking Trucker, thanks again for a super post here as usual. As you know you are watched by subscribers around the globe and I can only agree with one statement about truckers taking care of truckers. Here in SA, a truck stop is a rare thing. Not many of them, but the few we have are loaded with armed security, as it is a dangerous place to be. Better to find a small town or village on your route and park opposite the police station or under a street light. Reefers and vans would park "tail against tail" so thieves cant get access to the doors at the back. Like you, I have been in the military too, but I would like to introduce you to another issue that we encounter on a daily basis. I will post the link below. I know you are always pushed for time, but I promise that this clip will be an eye opener as to what trucking can become. I advice your other subscribers to take the few minutes and have a look at it too and see how a passion for trucking can turn into a battle for surviv

Ricardo L. Brown 

Your so informative, smart and a fine "teacher of trucking" without a doubt. Your subjects and trucking experiences you share truly allows for others to comment and add to your informative lessons on the 'trucking experience." "Your a class act my friend!"

Jeff Edwards 

I got a 5 gallon bucket with 6 gallon plastic trash bags and a toilet seat lid that goes on the bucket. I don't have to leave the truck if I don't have to. I use it as a trash can and then after I do my business in there I close up the bag and put in a fresh one. Then I dump the full bag into the trash the next time I stop somewhere. Totally legal.

Ronnie Rossington 

Boots wear boots. Always. Do you know why? That's right you can hide your weapons. So they come from behind and knock you down. They'll wish the hell they hadn't. When you come back up,,,,,now all you newbies don't go squawking why your wearing new tony Lomas. Ha ha

Steve Blue 

Hi boss... I am a new subscriber as of now.. been on the road since .1989

Joseph Barr 

keep on trucking brother really like your videos stay safe out here I'm in a rest area now not worried I'm a big guy to and a army vet lol

Eazy Rider 

great tip, nevertheless i would say look crazy before that may make them think twice

Dennis Wright 

A week ago a driver was killed in Iowa at a rest area near Victor,ia ext 205 on i80 it seems he was shot in the chest by a lady


Carry a dollar store wallet with like 5 bucks in it in ones. That way if they rob you hand them that wallet and your only out 6 bucks and you'll have a good laugh afterwards haha. Keep your wallet locked up in the truck hidden somewhere and only bring what you need into a store tuck that money or card in your sock. Sounds extreme but if your in a sketchy area it's worth it. Sad world we live in these days.

Richard Misel jr 

Hey Red, You should let the rookies and wanna be's know about NOT walking between bull wagons.

David Chalifoux 

I'm currently in trucking school but i watch your videos when i can.. Very helpful so thank you. I agree with you on this subject. Awareness of your surrounding are is the key. I' hold an instructor certification in Israeli krav Maga . I [m also a retired Air Force Security Forces member. Awareness is first and foremost. If you don't feel comfortable or the place doesn't look right, go some place else or if you are out of drive time, stay in your truck and lock the doors. If you have to fight, fight to survive. Use anything in your environment. We only have one rule in Krav, Go Home Safe. PERIOD!!

Ronnie Rossington 

Red Viking. I like your streams better than these other fellas. Keep up the good work😃 Yes sir. I'm old school. People say you ain't supposed to have a shot gun. Yea well I ain't suppose to have 3 books either. I ain't suppose to speed everywhere I go. But bull haulers gotta eat too..,, more of you bastards turn vegan I can get a vacation. Ok we running the pavement off the 287 Be seeing you. Truck easy.


I don't know if you guys heard but there is a "peaceful protest" being organized on October 2 to the 8th. the protest is for "truckers bill of rights" in Washington DC, check it out if you all can.


Dont forget to be safe when parking in shady spots and even the backs of some truck stops.I'll take the seat belts and wrap them around the door handles and buckle them on at least the passenger side.That way if someone breaks the window (can be done quietly) there's a little something else to slow them down from getting into the truck.You can also use a ratchet strap,bungee or even rope,all it has to do is slow them down long enough to keep them from getting the jump on you and in bad areas I'll leave the passenger door this way.


There's an app called my radar that's super awesome for wind rain I mean it has layers to it check it out bro, be safe out there.

Richard Misel jr 

Back in the early 90's a numb nut tried to mug me with a pocket knife in the east bound rest area east of Rock Wall Texas. I introduced him to my hickory sledge hammer handle tire bat.! I heard his right forearm snap.! You always have to be ready to throw down. I have been to some realy bad places. Places the police dont want to go.! Your right about the wind. had empty van trailers pushed across lanes. One picked up by the wind wheels off the ground on and overpass in Wis.

James Conquest 

Be safe out there RVT

Rick Viramontes 

Thanks RVT ,Take Care.

Jody Coleman 

Time forgets. Michael Jordan's father was killed while he was parked sleeping in a rest area.

rick picton 

It's crazy out there be safe. I use my keys as a weapon in a fist with the key sticking out between the 1 and 2 fingers. only had to use it once but it saved my ass.


RVT, They probably figure truck drivers are easy targets cause they can't carry.

At night alone, I never stop at the rest areas.