Trespasser Caught on My Trail Cam - Feeling Sad - Our Journey :: Episode #82


While I was away from my property I had a trespasser come on my land and criticize what I am doing. I am feeling violated. I am searching for more solutions. I did have signs up and a chain gate at the time.

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kent foret 

Turn them in. Trust me,they will be back. Don’t give them a chance to return. Protect yourself.

Sara Pulford 

Also try to make fake cameras and put them in high up but obvious sites. Hah ! You have just said it.

Sara Pulford 

Do you have padlocks on the tent zips ?

Jefferson Ross 

You would be safe to let them know . I have dealt with people with this same snoopiest . The real is how much of a problem has he already caused behind your back. The sort of thing like talking about what you're building ,how it's built safety issues . All these things could cost you so much time and trouble with Forestry officials and who knows what. Buy the extra cameras and you could always play "nobody's home trick and actually be there . I will pray that you stay safe and on guard I for sure hat snoopers !!!!! I just found your channel and I want to see many mores videos !!!!Much love !

Greg Williams 

why show a blurred video of him? He's trespassing on private land he has no right or expectation of privacy. Out the jerks is the only way to stop them.

Carmen Neumann 

I think your ideas are good and led it be.

Gene Wilkerson 

Sorry to say but any sign that says you will be shot would keep me away more then this place is under video survalence.

diogenes koolaid 

print stills of the trespasser, post them up in town and ask for information. someone will recognize him and he'll be publicly embarrassed at the same time win win.

Rosey Lynn 

I have two signs on my property the sign in the front reeds no trespassing survivors will be shot. The sign in the back reads it is unlawful to enter this area without permission the use of deadly force is authorized! And it will stop that shit.

J Keegan 

Wow, what a powerful ending

Ron Hart 

I would of showed there pictures, and comments on your channel. I would also report they to the local Sheriffs office. You, and your family have rights,and freedom to enjoy the property! Hope you can enjoy your dreams and use of your property. God Bless you, & your girls.

Steven Quintero 

Get yourself a gun.. And a big Knife ... ✨👍 Stay Safe ✨ Bust them , tell the Cops..✨👍


Report it. Always be safer!

ZEUS 406 

Put up.............. this is video surveillanced 24/7.. you are on camera ........i had same problem with a few curious joes....that stopped completely that guy had no right to step into your space not trust people !!!!! You havenyour own thing going noone should come in without notice ........

Bird House 

I understand your personal ethics on this matter, but there are issues you are ignoring and should consider. 1. You have evidence of a deliberate crime. 2. The individuals cannot be assumed to have just been snooping. 3. You've derived information about people who are literally watching through a wooded area with enough involvement in your PRIVATE life to have been able to schedule a time to invade your privacy with ease and an apparent lack of concern about being caught. 4. You need to give local PD or SO a copy of this incident and you can do it online. Be safe

Carl Larsen 

Report to police, and post his picture at the nearest store.. I'm in Texas, we do things a little more hardcore here..

Scott Hilbert 

Report him please.

Roaming Gnome 

I know this is old and hopefully it’s been resolved but I recall seeing a video on here called something like Stopping a Trespasser with a Crayon. It worked for him.

Linda Farner 

J rob, you answering for Tammy now. Tammy has hiking paths with signs all over the property. That invite peoples to use her paths which lead back to her private area. Which Tammy runs videos on you tubes for months at a times on what is going on in her private life and her camp life. She doesn’t hide anything. So Mr and Mrs walking around the camp site talking should not that be a big deal. What the biggest issue was she did not like what was being said. I personally don’t see anything to criticize I love her videos and what she has done with her two acres . Before you send back a snarky replies we own a camp on 10+ acres. Our camp is a 3 hour drive from home and sit on Pine Creek. It just so happen the camp sit right at one of the best fishing hole on the creek. Peoples walk across our property all the time going fishing they wave and keep walking no conversations just a wave if we are lucky. Do you really think they don’t check out our place when we are not there. Plus we sit right n

Linda Farner 

You gotta wonder what some these peoples are up to with all the mistrusting comments. If I was hiking thru the area and no one was around I would check it out and move on. They probably were curious about your set up , I know I would be. If they went into the tent and smelled your underwear than I would feel violated him checking out the port a potty not so much

Vincent Milloy 

Take the video to the police, if you let one person get away with trespassing others will do the same then your belongings will start getting taken.

Lee Benson 

SAD I had started a real reply but it turned in to a long and drawn-out story, so I canceled and was going to leave just the SAD but, then I felt like that deserves more so I'm leaving this. LOL and this ( CHILL-OUT)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And this to: it may help with the dating thing. LM(F)AO


Thanks for the laughs. SPC-6 U.S. ARMY RANGER

kawi john 

This is the first time I seen one of your videos ,,,, don't put up signs saying you have video surveillance someone might find and take your cameras and your other stuff and then you won't have any proof who had taken all your stuff,,, to catch someone doing something is element of surprise,,,,,,,,,, never show your hand if you know what I mean,, good luck

Traky boy 

Warning signs 👍🏼👍🏼

Letting them know that there are cams they may search and steal or destroy.

Giving to law dudes..yep !!

You may solve, prevent other things. B a friend to ur community and report.b well and peace to you and the land


Go to the police so they will confront him....if they dont you should mail him a letter explaining that you have him on video and explain the trespassing laws. Also since you live in the Us with your gun laws being so lax. You should pick up a survival shotgun by this company called chiappa

Alternatively since your gun laws there are so chill im sure the next time you buy exspensive home appliance they will probably throw in a gun for free. The other thing you could do is set up a trip wire

Stephen Livers 

You can't have anything in this world! I find what works is a sign saying your on satellite video....worked for me......And yes you must POST your property!! If some sorry ass slips off your tent deck and breaks his neck and has no insurance.....He is gonna come with his cheesy attorney and Rob you....POST POST POST..

Samson Hesh 

Are you single i need your snap chat miss Forrest

Sharilee Engle 

Hi! I'm a new subscriber but if things go south with this, you need No Trespassing signs. Legally if the land isn't posted you are giving strangers permission to show up anytime. And it seems they knew way too much about you, especially that you weren't there, and that's creepy.

Anna Hughes 

and let the sheriff see the video of the noisy people they could have hurt u and your dog....

Anna Hughes 

well add more signs and cameras and talk to the sheriff about them noisy people and they could have taken something....

james s. 

I would definitely purchase an ar15 pistol with 10.5 barrel keep it in your backpack.

John Taylor 

I hate that that you were violated in that way. That is what they did, and unless they are irretrievably stupid they knew it. Put some signs up. Posted no tresspassing. Mark your lands boundaries with purple spray paint. You have a right to protect yourself and your property.Exercise 2 A(2nd

amendment). Personally I would notify authorities because if I see those people again after the fact, someones going to be in trouble and it wouldn't be me. God made man. Samuel Colt made men even.

Dave Johnson 

sets some traps out and see if that gets their attention or Set some fake trip wires out and also alarms, maybe that will scare them .

Dawn Westerbeck 

That's what I would do, more cameras and a sign

Dee Seda 

Trust your gut instinct.


You're awesome


I have just inherited some land so thank you for your tips.


Keep a copy of the video.

G B 

Don’t let it get ya down! You’re doing great stuff for your family. Hopefully the curiosity is now gone and they don’t come back.

David Coy 

That's a bummer why do people have to be so nozy

Dennis Delano 

If u find out who he is and where he is....write him a letter w/ no threats.....just let him know you know. That will scare the shit out of him. Save the evidence......have a good day

James Eger 

Dont be mad at Lordbain's comment. He his upset as if he were your Dad. Think on that. Most of these posts are in line with his comments. He brought it down with a hammer. We are with you. Some are still trying to get there. All our money and efforts need to be protected. Im from Camden ,NJ. the trees and the dirt...and no one else. Why did you decide to live here...cause people are assholes. Take all our advice...(except the landmines). And please keep you safe. NJ is a tpugh state on legal people and easy on criminal s.If we have a break in...we must leave the domicile. Not allowed stand your ground. 500$for application fee for firearms permit...if you are oked...god forbid if you went to couples counseling...cause yer sht outta luck. No gun for you. Yea...please get a fire arm. We care about you. Really.

James Eger 

Really hide the camera's up. Hide them WELL. You will get robbed and stuff will be damaged and you loose your wildlife. Approach them that you have video.Don't go alone. Take a large young man. Not a hipster new age latte drinker. Next will contact police. Also...the chip is with a friend so they won't go looking in your house

C Heath 

put a bear traps up.

C Heath 

i would put more cameras up but be carefull they dont fined them or you may be lossing money at that point.

Smoking Wrench RC Adventures 

I have 2.5 acres in Arizona and last summer my neighbors near my land said my other neighbor came on my land and took my 40 foot trailer. His answer was I thought it was abandoned. I live in Massachusetts full time and go out to Az for vacation. He returned the trailer and I put up no trespassing signs and private property signs. My neighbor that told me about it visits my property everyday to check on things. Most people don’t understand that private property means stay out. I did however put up signs that read no trespassing trespassers will be shot on site. It is necessary for desert land to be protected that way because it will take the police a very long time to get to my land where it is. Unless they fly in. Just be careful Tammy and don’t be so trusting of people out there. That dude had no business being on or near your property. Make a report and give the video to the police. Take care. And I love your videos.

Charles Carrico 

You are right to be upset this is your dream your small piece of solitude to have some nosey people looking at your home and makeing remarks about it should not have happend keep your head high and be proud of what you have done it's great

Bruce Moore 

It certainly would be a big deal to me, and I would feel the same way you do. I would also like to know their motive as well. Be careful out there.--It's called "Surveillance" and there is nothing wrong with that..

Rex Sterling Buchanan 

People have no respect now a days i swear. I think like you "i wouldnt do it to someone else so why would they do it to me" but they will. The moment you turn your back or let your guard down. I started watching your videos because my eventual goal is to live in the woods full time year round. To imagine i wont be able to escape this or that would near break my heart as well .........

Ray R Jr Huber 

I can understand you don't want to shoot him, well not really lol, but you should at least find out who he is and go to his house n kick him in the balls. Tell him to stay off your property n kick him in the balls again.