Travelers - Marcy and Philip



They should've been together, they're both in damaged hosts and it was obvious that they cared for each other. You saw the pain he felt when Marcy was over ridden/ when she was going to die and how much he missed the 1.0 Marcy. They're both damaged people who fixed each other. And when Marcy died in the 3rd season you could see him staring at her body and how numb/ unfocused he was

hannah music 

there needs to be more of these two ugh she is so much better w him than david wow

EbonyR • 

Honestly they should really date...they care about each other a lot, but Marcy is with David 😢

Delmi Cortave 

I wish philip had someone anybody, he is always so alone so I like your video with Marcy

Dustin White 

Yeah are they actually together or is this just something for views

Cande Lezcano 

Are they together in the serie??

gonzaa asheh 

I love it

Melina Schie 

Ich liebe die Serie