Travel Advice From Experienced Backpackers | feat. 10 Awesome Channels


Going traveling soon? Been traveling before but want some more advice? This travel advice video is the ONLY VIDEO YOU NEED!!!

We have contacted our favourite travel channels (and soon to be yours too) and asked them to submit their one big travel tip or thing to know before/ during your travels.

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Thanks to all these channels for their input in this HUGE collaboration (in order of appearance)

True Transient -

Psychotraveller -

Pocket Trailblazer -

Backpacking Bananas -

Danger & Stacey -

Steve Yalo -

Karl Watson -

Kara & Nate - https://...

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The Budgeteers 

Thanks again to all the channels who sent clips for this video. You can find all their channel links in the description!!! Side Note - try watching this with  a beer and swig every time Paddy says 'epic' hahaha :)

s Jones 

I agree with pocket trailblazer. I have every second of a holiday planned. From 7 am to 7 pm. I am not the kind to hang around in hotels . I am only able to do short holidays so it is very important.

seQuiins Gip Mall 

Welcome to India Guys

Namastay 🙏🙏🙏

Ryan Ambler 

Cheers buddy, nice video roundup

David Fullard 

Great work, love you channel, watched episodes since you guys first started over the years. Keep it coming.

To Ja 

Nice nice nice as always

Sally And Ed 

There is some absolute gold in here. Couldn't agree more with Pat Daley. Channel the fear, turn it into excitement


Well done Budgeteers that was such a helpful video and thanks to every one for sharing their tips,

Jefferson Graham Photowalks 

Great video.

Jake Duffy 

14:01 Great videos...not gonna lie though shit got really 20th century British for a minute here.

Travel with Tommy 

You have a lovely channel 👍👍. Fun watching. New sub enjoying your video. Please sub back.

rhys crowe 

Must say hello everyone to the travelling youtube community, nuff love, will be starting my own channel called the travelling crowe in late july this year. Had a lot of inspiration from budgeteers and associated channels. Big up to them all !!! Cant wait for season 3 btw. Love you guys and can't wait for everyone to have a look at my way of travelling. Will be travelling solo across s.e asia and want to portray it in a real way that budgeteers have set standards for. Nuff love to paddy and thjys and others !!! Cant wait to see these places and come out my shell aswell as share with you guys on the youtube platform. Safe peoples

The Moron 

Why dont you guys come to China..?


I can hear a young Ricky Gervaise.

Mr Bicycle 

Thx phuckers

Phil Collins 

First thing I noticed was Steves painting on the bed! 😂

malika nuur 

Thanks for the advice

Jay Bee 

Haggling tips: 1) If you're interested in an item, try not to let it show too much that you're interested. Sometimes i take it a step further and fake interest in a different item and ask for the price. I then start haggling down the price a little, only to decline the offer. I then go to the item i was originally interested in and i make him an offer (in a bit of a disappointed manner) and the haggling continues.

2) When you want to buy an item or haggle for a taxi ride, always try to be the first to name a number. The whole haggle will usually be based on this first number. This concept has a term in psychology and is called "anchoring". Be the first to name the starting number and it's possible you have an advantage.

Adrian Allen 

I can't wait for series 3

Something's telling me it's gonna be India :)

One question I'm always wondering with you guys!

What do you do when your not travelling? How do you finance your trips, do you have regular jobs etc

Andi Artukovich 

Thanks to Gabriel Traveler for adding your link to his channel, really appreciated all the good advise AND learn of new channels! Gabe's tip was great as well, but he lagged so wasn't able to get with the group to get his good advise out there!


Awesome tips, lotsa familiar faces :)!

Orca Trip 

Thanks for sharing! Some good tips in here


Awesome guys! Thanks for all the tips 👍

Manuel Torres 

Men! Long time no see you! Fucking awesome I still not traveling I just started college again 😭 I'll love to be more able to travel and study a mayor but fuck it, I'll survive by what hung your videos, Lina TE extrañé mucho en este video!!!

to ja 

good stuff

Ciaran Myers 

Best part of this video had to be reading the comments and seeing all my favourite travel channels getting some chat going. Heading off on my adventure at the end of the year and have watched so many of these channels and used them to learn and to be inspired, keep up the good work everyone!


I've been traveling for 8 months. I'm in northern India a few miles from the Pakistani border and just survived a horrifying car ride with a drunken driver. My suggestion is get drinker than the driver so you don't shit your pants.

Derran Lawston 

shoulda added Damon and Jo!!! ils sont mes favori!!!

Babs on a Budget 

Pretty Cool! :D Thanks for all the videos guys. You were my bedtime companions this last week when I was watching the whole off series 1 and 2! :P I am trying to get some inspiration for my big trip next year - not my first - but the first long term one and I loved your tips and your videos. I wish I could do the same but being a solo female traveler I don't feel so confident to stay alone in the middle of a road or in a strangers car! BUT I am not afraid to buy a one way ticket to the unknown so I think I am heading to a pretty good start! Can't wait for season 3 :)

James Blaze 

You guys should all get together and make an all star team travel episode :)

Anaïs Amirat 

Hi guys,

Thank you so much for sharing your crazy adventures and travel tips. Your videos have inspired me A LOT this year and continue to do so! They are proper, structured and contain a lot of interesting information, so great job! Plus you're making several travel bloggers collaborate which is fantastic!

Thanks to your inspiring videos I have decided to get away with the stuff I’ve accumulated all those years and explore the world. I will be leaving in September to South East Asia for an undetermined period and in order to travel the longest period possible I really want to save on my budget, especially on flight tickets. I took note of all the advices mentioned in this video (and all

the others as well haha) and I am wondering to which country I should go first to save on the long distance flight. I am from Belgium. Hope you will be able to guide me.

You guys rock and can’t wait to watch your other videos!

Lots of travels,



Awesome to be involved in this! Thanks guys!

Megan Cruz 

Amazing collaboration! Have you check out the channel Flying The Nest? They are an awesome travel channel :) Great Video


after psycho traveler , vagabrothers are my second fav. travel channel

Nikolay Stamov 

Amazing! We love you Budgeteers <3

True Transient 

Stoked to be a part of this. Dare I say this video was EPIC?!

Jenny Bjärne 

such a fantastic collab with awesome tips! loads of Thanks from Sweden 🙌✨

Gabriel Traveler 

Well I finally recorded my clip for you guys today here in Dubrovnik, Croatia....the day you posted the video! Aw well, I snooze, I lose. Sorry I didn't get to it, I've been traveling hard through the Balkans and am way behind on editing my own videos. But my tip was going to be about travel flexibility, so I'll just write it out here. Basically, unless you're doing a week-long holiday, you don't need to book things far in advance. You can travel spontaneous and book things while you travel, based on where you want to go, what you want to do, how long you want to stay somewhere. Thanks to the internet, you can book your transportation and accommodation online a day or two before you travel, or even an hour before you arrive while you're sitting on the bus, using your phone or a laptop. I've never been unable to find a place to stay for the night. Flights are a little different because you will save money if you book at least a couple weeks in advance, but even with flights you can usua

Ashish Gusani 

EPIC!! ;-)


I can't remember the travel channel that gave this advice but sharing. AirBNB.. if you find a great property that is outside of your budget.. check the reviews on the host and see what other properties they also own. That host may have a newer property that has not taken off yet. They need people to stay at their new property to get the reviews in that will allow for the prices to go up a bit more at a later time.

Kerrie Wheeler 

Best travel video... thank you sooo much for all the friendly faces and tips!!!

Walkers Journey 

such a good collaboration.. thanks guys! :D

andy stubbs 

hi patty,,,omg,,,so many of these vloggers I all ready sub too,,,we must have similar ideas on travel ,,all good advice,,,,that workaway site looks interesting

kay jewl 

Skip true transient boring

Tom Wilson 

This is one of the best travel tip videos I have ever seen! I need to thank you so much for making this video <3

Brock Taylor 

Awesome informative video between trips! Please ditch the word "epic" though.

Backpacking Bananas 

Great work Paddy!! Not easy getting together us crazy lot like this 😂 Awesome tips everyone! 👌🏼👌🏼 Thanks for having me 😃❤️


what happend to Gabriel Traveler you had video small video at the start with all the others vids and then it didnt make the cut ? or did he not make a video?

Mattias Haeger 

No Gabriel Traveler? He was there at 0;20 in the video. Good video, guys.

Jon & Mia 

Guys we LOVED the video! Its super cool all travelers coming together, sharing tips and advice!

Thank you for having us and taking the time to do this

Mia & Jon xx