Transfers, Inflation & Value | Pogba & Stones


With the confirmation of Paul Pogba to Manchester United for a world fee, we take a look at what equates to a player's value in the modern market.

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Russ Campbell 

Hindsight is 20/20, but Ronaldo appears to be pretty goddamn valuable to Madrid now.

brin Joness 

Do part 2 on the correlation between football inflation and the laundering of dirty money, i mean legitimizing sorry

siddharth khandelwal 



The sad part is that there's some Manchester United fans who will look you straight in the eye, faces serious as it could get, and tell you that Paul Pogba is better than Zinedine Zidane.

Quattro 4 

Fuck that. Money can be spent elsewhere. Alexis sanchez earning 500k per week is insanity.


Anyone watching just about when richarlson went for 50

A E 

Really? Messi example when in the last 6 years Ronaldo has been way better than Messi. If Messi is valued at 250M, Ronaldo is valued at 750M. Moron

Diego Rameriz 

Love your videos so much knowledge!!!! Thanks

Drew Berry 

What if manchester United bought a club in the 2nd division in Scotland and loaned players out to Manchester united to shave money off the transfer fee. Like Berwick puts in an offer for pogba for 65M and loans to Man. But the sister company pays the wages?

Alien Allan 

pogba is shit

A one legged man 

inflation is arise in prices not an increase in money

YellaYetti The Mythical 

These videos are so chill lol

Raamcharan Ramanidharan 



But Neymar


The question isn't whether pogba is worth 89 million pounds, but whether pogba is worth manchester united's 89 million pounds.

Nithin Srivatsa 

Still a worthless player

srivathsan rs 

It's true..A team's turnover or worth has everything to do while buying a player

Borg Queen 

same thing as david beckham when he moved to the galaxy he made more money for MLS than on field performances


The value of Messi is no longer 250 mil pounds but over 500 mil. He will only move in his prime when the state owned investment fund of Norway wants him.

Orange Gaming 

Neymar for €200M


lol hows that inflation now

Avish Chand 

Lol cr7 is worth 900m ..... im not saying he is better ....might not even be but just saying

Jurij Fedorov 

How the hell can you afford to make these expensive videos?

Jurij Fedorov 

How is Messi too expensive for clubs such as PSG? They could afford him.

Jurij Fedorov 

This transfer window Pogba would go for 150m easily.


And now Neymar for 220 million euros, Ousmane Dembélé for 148 million and Mbappé for 180 million, football is dead...

Sharvil Jadon 

It's crazy how expensive Zidane was! Half of Madrid's revenue. When you look at it, Neymar to PSG and Zidane to Madrid had identical values. Looking into that, the highest value transfer ever would be Cristiano Romaldo to Madrid for £80 Million and Robinho to Man City for £32,000,000

Ben Chia 


Orange Gaming 



They are both S**T!


I think it's worth noting the Pound to Euro conversion as well. I have found differing quotes for the fees involved.. but look at Andriy Schevchenko signing for Chelsea from Milan. £36m was paid, which back then was €52.56m (based on a 1 : 1.46 GBP to Euro conversion in May 2005).

For a Serie A club, to even receive that same sum of Euros today, a Premier League club would have to pay £44.68m. (based on a 1 : 0.85 Euro to GBP conversion in May 2017).

I find that interesting as it is. Then a club from Serie A might want more money anyway, for whatever reasons aside from knowing Premier League clubs have it way better off than 12 years ago. Not sure how the revenue factor affects any of this, but thought I would post something I have been thinking for a while regarding 'overpriced' players, with Pogba & Salah coming to mind. In fact, near enough any player that has cost a fair bit of money that was signed from a country using the Euro.

Also, I love the videos, especially the club finan


Nope. You have confused price with value. Imagine the player is a stock. The market between the buyer and seller determine the price. That's all well and good. But you can make an objective determination whether the buyer has overpaid (i.e., the price exceeds the value) by comparing the price to the company's projected earnings over the next five years to determine the yield and then compare that to the yield of different stocks or bonds. Similarly you could compare the price and output of the player to other players. This is done routinely in baseball with VORP and WAR.

The problem is that football does not lend itself to those kinds of statistics. It is very difficult to measure how much a player directly contributes because everything is done in the context of a particular system and a team, often against a different level of opposition and many importantly things are not accurately measured. It is even harder to predict how a player will improve or decline over time. All of that


update it , since ronaldo carried madrid on more year

Simon Remish 

Messi best footballer?

Barcelona the best in the world?

Keken Keken 

great job



Andre Como 

I would have liked to see you go into the brand exposure side of it. Messi's brand is pretty valuable to Barca as well

Liew Ching Hoong 

brilliant insight

Trè PBG 

No way pogba was worth a world record transfer but it would I've been impossible to sign him for less than 75m .. at his young age he was one of the best midfielders in the world the season before we bought him and he was playing in champions league and European finals


Makes sense now. Clubs are spending more money on players than before, but are also spending a lower percent of their revenue.


People don't realize that every couple of years we will have new "most expensive player" because of the inflation. We can't always sell and buy player for 50 million.


wich Video editing software u use to make this style of videos ?


The issue is not about Pogba value, its that the price paid to buy him was too much in comparison to the quality of the player. U cant compare Pogba and Zidane's transfer fee. Zidane was a world class footballer then but Pogba certainly does not fall even in top 20 players right now.

Arif Fauzi 

Well informed and well made. Thank you for sharing!


He is worth or not depends upon player success in the following success.

No Bad 

Even with image rights, Pogba is not that big of a star. Yes Pogba is active on social media and does funny videos to develop his brand, but no way is Pogba still worth 89 million even for the intellectual property rights he brings to Manchester United. Pogba's underlying on the pitch worth is far lower. At 89 million and even with his young age he will never bring on the pitch value in terms of match winning, earning points via goals and assists to match that 89 million pound value. Pogba's sale was out of United's desperation to get big name players, shrewd hard line negotiation by Mino Raiola who was paid by Juventus to help them bid up the fee while getting a big agent fee from United. It symbolizes the wasting of money by United while Glazer has put huge debt on the club when he purchased it. If United transfer don't keep up with on the pitch performance the bubble will burst. Ultimately image rights, merchandising and sponsorship soon reflect the underlying on the pitch performan

Wong Dr 

Chelski started all these nonsense from Abramovich

Jimmy Dixon 

I don't care how many different ways people explain it, how strong his brand is or how many dabs he does, Man Utd paid about £60m more than they should have for Pogba.


As long as Pogmarketing tool helps keep United 6th they can pay him 3 magic beans and a fresh new fade to keep on keeping on.


89 mil when u earn 500 mil is peanuts😌

Ian O'Hara 

good stuff