Trading Gaps for Daily Profit


Trading Gaps for Daily Profit in today's markets require a different gap trading strategy that has been used in the past.

The traditional gap trading strategy of trading morning gaps and expecting them to close doesn't work in today's markets any more. To learn how to trade gaps successfully, watch this video tutorial for day trading the stock market, Forex, futures and E-minis.

Enjoy the video! Leave your questions and comments below!

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tq for free tips. very helpful for beginner like me. btw, can you make video about time zone. how to identify most best time for our local time?

خالد العطوي 

thanks ... good very good

Steven Sipeki 

Great video, TY.

Chewie 13 


Freq 123 

So if it stops working because everyo e knows it.....why talk about it for free where most views will occur? Sir?

Lavender Lively 

Thanks, Barry! You're the best!

Tushar Kalbhor 

When you see in 1st hour trend is not going as expected, you can go for ORB (Opening Range Breakout) strategy.

Ron Snew 

Thank you for your video. I don't totally agree with you in re: the difficulty in profiting from gaps - though I trade longer time periods, and am patient. With relevant indicators, I can and do profit most of the time with gaps. Of course, one must study the price action/tendencies... Still, I agree with almost everything you noted. (^^)

K Ragas 

I know you cant determine 100% but how would you know if it will gap back up/down after consolidating the whole day? I have been watching a stock that has been doing morning gap down every morning for the past few months and is already passed its previous 52 week low. I am looking for a sign of trend change (20 & 50 EMA to start trending up) but every morning it gaps down then consolidates throughout the day. Great video by the way

ငထင္ငယ္ စက္ရွဳပ္ 

I interest ,thanks.

ငထင္ငယ္ စက္ရွဳပ္ 

I interest ,thanks.

ငထင္ငယ္ စက္ရွဳပ္ 

I interest ,thanks.


Basically no strategy. Waiting 3 days for some gap to close. I'm not even come close to this strategy.

N Charles 

Excellent Stuff.

Rick P 

Good stuff once again Doc! I' ve noticed it does indeed take sometimes weeks to completely fill a "gap" whether up or down so thanks for the reminder that it very seldom works the next day overall like it use to. Traders beware!

Hayward Huntsberry 

Would you do a video on reversals?

Sangam Baligar 

Everyone knows that gaps will be covered over time . But you dint really tell how to trade the gaps...


Interesting thank you!

Raja Jani 

great job sir, keep guiding ... my regards

Adrianna De Santos 

What time frame is this?


Thanks for the video and information, but I cannot believe you have California time on your charts instead of NY time. I ALWAYS use NY time on my charts.