Trading in the DANGER ZONE - with Dante


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TripleEight ABK 

The best trading advice I have come across. Dante thank you for your wisdom! I’m grateful to have guidance from you and Nate.

Nick Gryzoski 

A great deal of wisdom in this. Thank you.

Wayne baker 

Trading has been so life changing for me.Thanks to a Mr Kelvin who has offered me a great way of making money. I make ten thousand dolls in a week with Stuarts strategies


Great work Dante . Thanks

Bill Bayne 

Thanks Dante. True words indeed.

Pulkit Agarwal 

happened with me this week.. trouble trouble trouble

Sylvia Chen 

Great tip, thanks!




This is FANTASTIC advice. Seriously. I’m gonna listen to this video everyday in premarket for quite some time. Thank you!

Gabriel Coja 

So true, Dante! I am still licking my wounds because of my ignorance and because I let emotions to get involved in my trade. I didn’t follow the simple rule to cut looses quick. I don’t know how other people learn, but I know I learned my lesson through my own mistake. I may talk to you one day in the Momentum chat room. Thanks again for this video! It came up in a perfect time for me.

Jesus Pastenes 

Thanks Dante 😎

Marcus Brees 

“Strumming my pain with his fingers, singing my life with his words.” It’s good to know we all go thru this 💯🙏🏼


Good vid

Arina Zedler 

Such wise words. I think most losing traders simply don't get that the only reason they are losing is because of themselves..

"The market is the most honest feedback mechanism. It will consistently knock you down if you keep approaching it with the same mentality."

James Bradley 

😎so excellent!

Patrick Aherne