Trader Joe's haul & reviews


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Channel:  Kristi Davis

Beautiful outfit pretty red lips ❤


Things I like that you got:

1.) Pink Lemonade :-)

2.) Pain Au Lait

3.) Dijon Mustard

4.) Supersweet White Corn

5.) Garlic Naan

6.) Trader Joe's Granola Bars

7.) Sour Cream and Onion Corn Puffs

8.) Chocolate Filled Crepes

9.) Peanut Butter Cups

10.) Cookie Butter

11.) Chocolate Sticks

12.) Gummi Tummies

In Between:

1.) Tzatziki Dip

2.) That stuff you wanted to put on the rolls... (Chicken Salad)

3.) Fish Nuggets

4.) Vegetable Fried Rice

5.) Mahi Mahi burgers

6.) Mandarin Orange Chicken

7.) Chicken Tikka Masala

8.) Nacho Cheese Tortilla Chips

9.) Yogurt Smoothies

10.) Waffles

Things I don't like that you got:

1.) Cheese Pizzas

2.) Mac & Cheese Bowls

3.) Little Pizzas

4.) Broccoli Quiche

5.) Coconut Strips

Huh, do you guys eat much fresh veggies, fruit, or meat/poultry/eggs/fish? Maybe you're not including this stuff here, just the Trader Joe's creations, etc.

Yes I hate cheese (most of the time). 🤢🤮😁


I have a TJ's like 7min away & still have never bought that much food before! The Au Lait bread is good but nothing extraordinary or unique. I'll have to try some of this stuff. Tyfs!

Marvina Taylor 

Love your videos

Angelia Clary 

Great Haul Tyfs 😊👍🏼❤️


Your oldest looks so much like my daughter. They could be twins. They are both beautiful. Love your hauls.


Loved your HAUL!!!!!!!!! Would love for you to check out my channel:)


Hi new Subbie here because of the following: I am an emotional shopper and your publishing the prices help me make more informed choices and your honest follow-up critiques (which few reviewers do) of new food products you have tried are very helpful. In preparation for my debut visit to a Trader Joe's, I have binge watched hundreds of reviews and find yours the most informative. I do predict your presentation and content will take you far in the YT world. Take care

Eldina Hot 

Love Trader Joe’s!!

Also would love to know about your ring. Is it one of those silicone rings?

Rosa Ross 

Great haul Kristi....b safe goin to Utah...hope u have a great time...💕💕💕

Brittany’s LittleLif3 

The naan would go great with the chicken tikka masala. That’s what we get with the chicken tikka masala that we order from the Indian food places in my area.


Love Trader Joe's! Great Haul! Like to try the free samples they serve.

Debbie Howard 

Great as always tfs

Christine Badagliacco 

You are making me hungry. 😄 have a safe trip. ❤️

Steve Harris 

Great Haul Kristi!!!!!!!))) Your girls are going to do some good eating!!!!!!!!))) Have a Sade Trip!!!!!!)))🎈🎈🎈👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼😊

Katie Hespe 

Great haul Kristi! I loved your dogs cameo 😂 Love your channel and thank you for the shout out ❤️

Charlene McCaslin 

Just you work outside the home..

Dee Porter 

hi Kristi how are you? I'm ok. I love you and your videos very much. I hope you have good trip and be safe. hugs

j tran 

I’m with you on cucumbers! I’m vegetarian and love all vegetables...but NOT cucumbers. Lol. I can’t stand the taste!

Shirley Franklin 

Great haul hope you have a great day looking good

Kim S 

i finally tried the pepperoni mac n cheese per your recommendation. i should have made it in the toaster oven because i didn't love it microwaved since it didn't cook evenly. :( maybe i'll try it again sometime. i was so sad that i couldn't find the rhubarb strawberry soda. i asked my store and the man said it might be a regional item as he'd never heard of it, but i'm still hoping we get it here in charlottesville! :) anyway, i love your hauls! i've added a few new items to my list for whenever i go again. thank you! safe travels! HUGS!

Copperhead Metal Detecting 

1st again yeah, love you beautiful