Toyota Camry 99 Tuned


Diz Is My Toyota Camry 99 , Tuned With The Body Kit On It, Nd The Rear Spoiler,, Thats all it has,, But it looks nice,, I Just Uploaded Diz Video Bcoz, B4 I Have Ma Car as Now, I Was Looking for a Toyota Camry Tuned , But i didn't find it,, But now if u have 1 , u can take a look , nd make ur car ,, like thiz 1 or better

Channel:  Mr D
Nawaf B9 

والله لونه في السعوديه ومنكسه كذا اقسم بالله لغير تصير السياره من تحت مقوسه من المطبات

Sunita Devi 

what about the engine did u upgrade or same old stock

Kolton McCallister 

rice. wow @ the rice. camrys need to be made into sleepers lol


hello rice mudafaka 👋

Coby Thomas 

that wing weak as fuck, he should've just took the wing off.

Dakota Davila 

Looks awesome...i have a 97 camry and i want to put a body kit on also. How would you recommend going about the process considering your car turned out so well.

Scottie Beatz 

See that's the thing I hate, I think the car looks cool, I mean yeah its not a fast car but the kit looks nice on it, I'd love to put a kit and repaint mine but don't feel like getting a bunch of crap about it like some previous comments.

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+DJxghost07 race my wrx and then we will see how fast ur fucking camry is lmao

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lmfao do u know the definition of doesnt mean turn your car into a fucking rice rocket lmao

Adrian Wolfgang Teddington 

Nice wheels! I have a Black one... And because of the clutch it isn't as slow as all the other ones out there. That being said, I've had it since 01' and it's up to 260,000mi.... If that's a pos then I'm really missing out...smh

Question: How much (estimate) would it cost for parts and installation?


lol what a peice of shit car haha sick wing bro


Why is everyone talking about the cars speed and blah blah blah? Since when does adding a bodykit mean your looking for speed? The car looks nice with a kit on it. Kind of like wearing a pair Jordans.. doesn't mean your dumbass will run any faster.. they just look nice. Nothing wrong with a man wanting to have a nice car. Get off his nuts.


Sayin the haters need to kill it because our cams arent slow


@DJxghost07 "crap ass driver but same guy owns all 3 , local supra that's always revving aimlessly ..."

what are you even trying to say?


They talk about cams bein slow but mines beaten turbo civics, stangs, a ferrari vette and gt40 crap ass driver but same guy owns all 3 , local supra that's always revving aimlessly hell for a stock granny car its only seen 1 set of tail lights and that's from the cars it parks behind


@MrNiteryder i would never consider it. i can sell the car and save the money not spent on modding it and buy a car thats faster to begin with and then mod that later. family cars are not meant to be modded.


@MrNiteryder hahaha its a fucking camry. i could ride my bike faster than that piece of shit. what a joke haha.


@MrNiteryder i drive a 99 camry v6 and it is terribly slow. there is absolutely nothing fast about this car.

Mr D 

@MrNiteryder thanks....... but u knw hater always gonna hate.. i bet that nigga got a honda civic 91..... but anyways... this video it just for u guys can take a look.. nd c how it looks like...... i never said it was a Bugatti o something... o.O

Mr D 

@eliteglitchkr3w in any website//// type duraxflex bumpers in google.. nd u'll c

Mr D 

@crmeehan24 cuz my grandma likes to go partyin.... so i hooked it up 4 her..... o.O


why would you tune a grandmas car?


nice! good thing you took the wing off. a regular factory spoiler would look better :)

Deja Vue 

lol everything is nice..thank god you took that spoiler off...looks better with the stock one haha

Mr D 

@200twistatwista .. I Took That Off ... like 2 weeks after I put it on the car..... but thanks for the Comment/.

Adam Ottovordemgentschenfelde 

Looks great aside from that stupid thing on the trunk.

Mr D 

yeah i now... lolz... but i already took that off...

david roy 

that spoiler looks like shitt


looks alright but im not a fan of the R34 kit. I prefer the Cyber-II kit.

You need to mesh up the front tho I think

Mr D 

@cars2cars ... The whole body kit was 700 with shipping included


How much did the front and rear bumber cost?