Toyota Banking on Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology


When it comes to cars, generally there are three options, there is gas, a gas-battery hybrid, or a full electric car. But for a fourth option, some car companies are banking on hydrogen as the fuel of the future. VOA's Kevin Enochs reports.

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Hydrogen is better because electricity batteries has rare earth metas and nasty acids that damages environment.


this report erroneously focuses on emissions quality whenever in fact Japan is doing it for national security. Japan depends on foreign oil. they have no domestic supplies like the USA. they have no coal supplies either. they are heavily into atomic and renewables. even though they are the most advanced in battery technology, the supplies they need are also foreign. it's good business for them to sell batteries to the rest of the world but not to rely themselves on it. although hydrogen for now is very expensive, they could create an endless supply and not be at the mercy of foreign powers over oil.

Kon Tiki 

Why is Toyota not taking initiatives to install Hydrogen infrastructure just like the fast charging stations network installed by Tesla?

Luke iPanda 

The real solution is to put an electrolyzer onboard the vehicle. Owners can turn the water from the fuel cell back to hydrogen in their garage or in a charing point. Hydrogen tanks are lighter than lithium batteries. It wastes more energy to charge but it makes longer range and bigger payload.


Hydrogen's got to be made from renewable sources on site at the fuel stations, no shitty diesel lorries transporting it back and fourth, then it'll be incredible. I can't wait until it's all mass produced and mainstream. It's got to happen and hope it does very soon. Best of luck to all the car and bike manufacturers that want to do this.

Shantay Prueeissen 

IF you want to make it by yourself just go to InpliX page.

peace& love 

Peace and love from Egypt I love USA USA USA USA USA USA

Jungle Jargon 

Yeah, you can use coal or diesel to make clean hydrogen. The trick is producing or finding a clean source of hydrogen. Solar farms could make hydrogen.