Tourism Australia and Chris Hemsworth - Full version


Tourism Australia has launched its latest campaign, which is focused on highlighting the country’s world-class aquatic and coastal experiences, in a bid to lure more international visitors to Australia.

The campaign features a voiceover by Australian actor and new Tourism Australia global ambassador, Chris Hemsworth.

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Gulfikar Ali 

I wanna be in Australia

Megamold Stand 

Thanks for sharing.

Srijan Bhattarai 

been there twice ......oh, what magnificent country...


Travel Daily..Osm. Very interesting and A very good script/creativity...Keep Going dear.

000 Responses 

You see...Australia IS Asgard on Earth

Age lusty 

Australian's worship a fascist ideology without even realizing it.

I hope there are laws to protect it's people from the terrorism caused by the system.

LustiDiD (-_-)


Looks good!! Until you get to the visa part..

Mohammed Alnajdi 

Where are those places in Australia?

nina capila 

Such a beautiful country. I have the honor to visit Perth last year and sky dived. Everything is so beautiful there. And the people are super hot! (I need to say it haha!)

Mystical Light 

great tourism video , But why was there more view on people then the stunning country Chris perfect voice over .

Geetha Raju 

Australia is awesome.

ajeron fiona 

At least 20 miliilon australia, 2 avenger. Not bad at all

One of those things 

So cool😮

Tony Rx 

mute this video and run M83 Midnight City and watch this video

Stephanie Schuurmans 

I live in Australia, but currently I’m on a four month trip to Japan. Whilst being in Japan, it’s been amazing and the tradition and culture here is so strong, which we don’t really have in Australia, but what I’ve realised that we do have, is just a relaxing, free lifestyle that kind of just takes all your worries away. Work in Japan is such a stressful, massive part of their life here, and that’s actually considered normal here, but in Australia, going out for the weekend on a road trip or going snorkeling or to the beach is considered normal, and that makes me very glad to be Australian and live in such a big, vast, spacious country. My backyard in Australia (which is very average in size), is bigger than about 95% of a typical Japanese home. Nobody here has space, and everywhere you go there are just so many people doing the same commute or same thing, and rarely do people have a smile on their face. In Australia, we are always smiling.


Love Australia 😍😍

Wooky Bear 

I love this video! Makes me so proud of our country.

Marco Téllez 

this is what i think paradise looks like, i need to visit Australia at least once in my life

Nicole Lee 

This is mainly centered around the water there is so much more to see

Akhtaruzzaman Joy 

His voice !

suraj shrestha 


Tourism Pakistan 

awesome and here is another amazing and unexplore beauty for you

HArMonY & StRinGs 

I love australia a lott .. just waiting for that day when I'll go australia .. and scream, "finally I'm an Aussie free from being an indian .."

donthaveone donthaveone 



Adela Marian 

Amazing country! I am a student here and I can't get enough of Australia. I wish I could take pictures with my eyes!

Here are my impressions about Australia! Subscribe if you like. :)

ZiBRA Counselling Solutions 

To all those from around the world who view this video and want to come to Australia, please do as you are more than welcome. As an Aboriginal Australian I welcome all to this old land. Migrate if you want to as well. Ive adopted more wonderful fellow traveller's than I can remember. The world is becoming more accessible so why not visit us down under. Who knows you may want to stay. Who am I.... a member of the Gunditjmara Tribe ( 60,000 years Aussie). : ) I will leave the light on.

Dora T 

I love that voice! 💋💋💋

mysticforest 12 

Who else came here just for Chris's voice???

Sophia Ernst 

Help! Does somebody know the name of the place at 1:14? Thank you!!

Barbara Walters 

no captions? cool...

Raccoon In A Hoodie 

why is Australia so beautiful!!??!!?

Some Bloke 

Are they naked?


needs Chris in his budgie smugglers coming out of the water with Miranda Kerr


does anyone know where the opening 0:01 is taken?

CJ Ellis 

The minute I got off the plane last year.."it all made sense". I am in love with Australia and hope to spend many more visits exploring it.

Walter Williams 

One of my voice over clients wants me to sound like pressure!

For all those tourists who haven't been here yet do yourself a favour it is this amazing and to those who are posting you've been here and missed it thank you for visiting our wide brown land please come back again soon.

Naomi Uta 

this video makes me wanna go to Australia... even though i live in Australia

Jyoti Balhara 

I want to go back

christina leutscher 

If you plan visiting Australia, think twice. It is a 🚨 police State, Nanny State, I have never ever come across, a more horrible country to visit. It's runned by ignorant politicians, who has made so many laws and regulations, that You are being chocked, from the moment you get off the plane. No wonder the world is laughing 😂 about this dumb hole. 😰😰

There is more freedom In Saudi Arabia.

Deborah Robinson 

My goodness his voice gives you goose bumps for sure phew what an awesome way to promote Australia. Would love to go sometime in my life.

Sarah Wu 

I want to know the music!

K4 Josiah 

within the next 4 years

Hyun Su Kim 


william regan 

I been there..nothing special except expensive country...

The Combat Wombat 

love it

YouTube John 

nothing like australia :))

Mick Taylor 

Proud to be Aussie

Jake Riley 

Thanks for posting. Now I don't have to waste money on taking a trip there. Everything I need to see right here.

Gav'von Johnson 

amazing place to live. stayed for several months. fantastic people, culture, and atmoshphere