Tour Packages: Should You Sign Up For One?


Travel agents and hotels and resorts often offer tour packages with various activities and site seeing opportunities. Are they the best way to travel and tour? Or are you better off planning your own itinerary?

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Keith Hogg 

I love your vlog. You’re a very good speaker. You bring up some interesting points. That I’ve never thought of. You tell it like it is.

Lazy Larry 

Hi Rod. I must admit that I like you would prefer to travel about at my own pace. However you are correct in stating that at times it is best to us a guided tour. I went to China in 1999 and did must of it with just my friends. I did take a tour to the Great Wall. It was well worth the money, they took us to the burial grounds of the Emperors. If I had not taken the tour I would never have gone to burial grounds. They also left more then enough time to spend at the Great Wall. Take care of yourself and try to have fun.

Derek Tolliday 

Nice information rod, me and my wife usually go our own way especially in the Philippines, did a tour in Germany recently of course everything was in German 😳 but enjoyed it anyway πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘ .


Pros and cons on organized tours. You can get lost going off on your own or you can see new sights you may not see going as part of a tour group.

boogieman 48 

Rod I was under the impression that you can also find some local people that will take you around. I've heard good things about that

American Expat In The Philippines 

I could maybe do a short tour like you did, but not one of these 2 week tours.

Jawbreaker 2EightKilo 

Where do you get the tour package on he web site?

Matt Gustafson 

Very good points Rod. When I go at my own pace I can concentrate my time where I prefer. When a tour is taken it also removes much of the thought through the day as I am just following along. Sometimes they are preferable and sometimes they aren't. Thanks for your perspective.

Tom and Ruth Philippine Adventures 

Haha..I have to say .Who in the world would give you a thumbs

Tom and Ruth Philippine Adventures 

Rod great video...I usually get tour package when I can to learn the area and lay of the land. Great video as always.. love.your channel..

Erlinda Cama 

Hi Rod. Very informative video. Thanks you for Sharing. God Bless and have a good day.

Blue Room 

Tour packages can be good for people new to traveling to get their feet wet. I use tour packages when I go to a new country to get a feel of the area, especially when I'm only there for a week or so. One example was when I spent 1 week in Bucharest, Romania. I don't know the area and did not know the language. I set up several tour packages to visit the different areas that I was interested in. Good times.

Dennis B 

I did 2 tours one in Bohol one in Cebu both wete very long up at 4 am back to the room at 9 or 10 at night it was very good but a very long day.It would be hard to do on my own. Thanks Rod

All About The Philippines 

Good evening Rod. Some very good points you make there. Tour groups can be good as you don't need to plan too much but usually they take you to all the tourist spots where there can be many tourists. If you go off by yourself you must be careful but you can do it at your own pace and find some hidden gems away from the tourist areas. :)

Michael - John 14:6 

Good timing on this video. Very informative for newcomers πŸ‘. Thanks for taking the time to share this πŸ™‚. So I took my girlfriend to Bohol for the past week where we are now until tomorrow. Heading back to Mindanao. So, she wanted a tour package. But instead I rented a self drive car (Filipino term lol) for the week. She enjoyed it so much better cuz we didn't have to cram 12 destinations into one day. We saw all the cool tourist places while enjoying our time on our schedule, yet an adventure. **BTW, catching the ferry from Cebu to Bohol is not as easy as I thought, as it actually requires effort, LOL. May I suggest to your viewers to plan if they are going on their own to purchase their ticket at an outside agency like at Ayala or somewhere, so you don't have to wait a long time in line at the Pier. There is no extra fee. Also it can be much more crowded than the airport at the Pier. So give extra time.

If you want to go to Panglao for the white sand beaches, I would like to suggest

Almost Friday 

Very nice. Thank you. I will be in cebu 5 Feb 2019. First time in the Philippines

Exploring with Jack 

Yeah I did for one in Cebu cause just there for a few days in January,