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Please my friend's, if you ever need medical care, do not use this hospital. As soon as your insurance runs out, they will not give you or your loved one a chance to self pay. They neglected my father and wounds that they caused from their pathetic excuse for medical care. I should have listened to everyone else in this city. I'm writing these comments to help others never have to experience what we did. Some of the nurses and doctors are great ppl, but most are rude and won't even share air with you unless you have your insurance card. If your insurance company decides not to pay something, they will have security throw you out on the curb. Please do not let them treat your wounds at the infirmary wound care office unless you like long drawn out litigation to go with the infectious diseases you catch. Notice how there are no other comments from others? They have been deleted by these scum bags. Ppl please go elsewhere if you care about yourself or loved one!