Top 10 Worst Used Cars Under 5K - 10 Least Reliable Cars Less Than $5000


In this video I am going to give a review of my top 10 picks for the worst and least reliable used car you can buy for less than $5000. I will also tell you known issues or whether or not these cars have reliability issues with their engines, transmissions, timing chains, head gaskets, tensioners or other drive train component.





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rodeo o 

9:56,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,fkn lol


Chrysler engineers be like

"Breakfast at the office tomorrow"

"Ooh, what are we having?"


Silwer Agentum 

He wants cars to have cast iron motorblocks?

Thats out for a long time and most cars doing allright with aluminium blicks since long.

There is always bad models or like here automatic transmissions that sucks, maybe because in those times just americans choosed that option.

But now Europe is becoming automatic too, the new ones with like 6-8 gears, its not like the old thirsty ones that never locked up, now they is almost the same as a manual in terms of fuel milage, but they are extremly advancd and some makers dont even recomend changing oil in them, they dont even has a tapscrew, you have to tahe down the pan.

Well see what happens. With those.

Shannon Denham 

These are the ugliest cars I've seen in my life


those gm have bad valve always blown valves and gaskets and shitty transmissions


hyundai piston rod damage probably due to wrong oil viscosity lol crazy untrustable mechanics these days tell u wrong information

CJ Scoots 

I bought a used Chrysler Sebring, and had the water pump/coolant issues, although it is an '06. Not a cheap fix as I didn't have the expertise to fix it. Praying nothing else goes wrong with the darn thing.

miguel f 

amazing video woooow who is the best to give us an advice ( Mechanic ) right those companies just lost 15K customers haha

Byron Vinson 

Hey Ratchets - I appreciate your criteria but want to do my own research. Can you (or others) direct me to the data for engine and transmission failures among vehicles? Good video!

Jerome Foster 

Basically just buy a Chevy and everything will be ok

Richard Clarke 

Thank you for your great videos looking forward to love you more. What do you think of the Acura TSx from 2000 2010

Suspicious Citrus 

there should be more GM products on this list.

Elai Dickens 

Don't buy anything bmw

Coolwater Hubby 

Hi and Happy New year to you and family. I have been looking at Volvo's between 2012 to 2017 and would like you opinion on buying one. I have a certificate in auto mechanic and can always look at a manual for repairs. Also have been looking at Audi 2009q7 as well. I look forward to hearing from you


Gotta warn you guys against any used Kia Optima's from 2011-2015 with the 2.4 Theta II GDI. The engines develop a rod knock (Sportage and Sorento also featured this problematic engine). I didn't include the 2011-14 Sonata's despite having the same powertrain because Hyundai is much more lenient with their warranty, even after 100K.

Liam S 

Where's the 2003 Toyota carolla? I got a flat tire and I had to do routine maintenance.

Autism Apocalypse 

I bought brand new a 2006 Nissan Altima. 2.5 engine, manual transmission. I had one factory recall for a sensor. It was the best car I've ever owned. MPG was amazing. Transmission was perfect. I totaled it sliding into a ditch going about 20 mph. The front end hit a concrete tile and it cut through the frame. I guess the full weight of the car was enough to destroy it when it hit. Plus the airbag came out. I was shocked that they totaled it. I had 99k miles on it and had it almost 8 years.

Second best vehicle I've owned and still daily drive is a 2004 GMC Envoy. Some gauges are broken, but aside from that, it's amazing. The 4x4 works amazing and I've never been stuck or had to do any major work to it. It's got 190k miles on it. Gas mileage is shit at 16 combined but it's not as bad as my old 95 silverado... 10 mpg... yikes.

William Traylor 

Cadillac made one single model with a reliable 4.6L Northstar and it was the 05-11 STS. They redesigned the engine for a RWD application, or AWD in my case. I've had 3 of them (sold one and wrecked one) and head gasket issues are hard to find with this particular model. The 05-11 DTS though, those still suck.

Paul Marks 

Yes northstars are junk


2004 Saturn Vue; My transmission fail at 90'000klm, they change it for brand new transmission under warranty, same S.U.V 190'000Klm transmission fail again !!

These are junk stay away !


My Acura cL type s is on its 3rd transmission. 260,000

Carso Ackerman-Clemons 

What about the Chevy Cobalts. ignition switch recalls, failing electric power steering etc.

Millz Millz 

"Really like what i have to say" is an understatement, i absolutely love what you have to say. Im in the market for a car and you helped me come to a conclusion of which car to get. Thank you for your insight.

Tom Baker 

I already have a 2003 Audi allroad with the 2.7t engine....

I believe the timing belt was change at 110,000 miles, I'm currently at 165k.....

It runs good for now, but needs a tune up(it seems to have a misfire issue with one or more coils, spark plugs....

I am SCARED to drive this car because I've heard some negative things about it...

From the turbo's to the air suspension(which was fixed a couple of times from Audi according to carfax)...everything is super expensive to fix.

I LOVE the way the car rides and feels....if I could put around 2k into it, knowing it would last another 35K or so I'd do it in a heartbeat....but I've had people tell me to sell it asap.

I'd love to know what you think of the car in general.

Thanks sir.


im planning to buy a 2003 to 2007 jeep liberty . Are those jeeps reliable?

Brian Brooks 

Oh I love outbacks I thought they would never ever be on this list they’re super reliable I thought

Olman Rojas 

What do you think about Range Rover or discovery 2005-2006-2007 ??? Are good or bad?

Cureumirceaa Emanuel 

love your videos all the way from romania

Gabriel Quinn 

i have a 2004 honda Odyssey that has 125,000 miles and the trans is still in good shape. overall good car except it has an oil leak and a power steering leak. Little rust for where i live too

Jerald Collins 

My car purchasing history is a total embarrassment, but I made up for all of it when I bought my current car brand new: 2006 Toyota Matrix XR. If I could marry it, I would.


All Ford's on this list all junk


ford contour ford taurus ford escort chevrolet cavalier,,,,,,,,all american car brands


The 2.2 ecotec motor was poorly designed and it would self destruct due to plastic timing guides the timing chain became loose then the engine is doomed

James Raymond 

V6 Altimas shared an engine with the '04-'07 Maxima, yeah??


Renault Nissan's are trash if you compare the with the old Nissan's from the 90's-80s.

Daniel Thompson 

My 05 maxima has been running 14 years without any of the problems listed


The accuracy in this list is so spot on that it made the hairs on my arms stand up, especially with the Nissan Maxima engine tensioner issue.

mac berry 

Any suggestion on which Saturn Vue to buy

amiro dusk 

You could have a video about unreliable Land Rovers that would last 2 or three years. They are that bad and not worth buying. I wouldn’t take one for free.

Tyee Cambrón 

My friend that runs auto body shop was always working on someone’s Nissan. Not saying it’s bad, but it’s just 2 things that go bad which was the timing chain and gasket. My friend pulls the engine out, take it apart, fix, then put it all together. And Nissan is like the only thing he will drive.

Matthew Swank 

As sad as it is to say, the Ford Focus from 2011-2016 range if not further I would avoid unless it's manual or the ST/RS versions. (Although recent RS models have head gasket issues). I absolutely loved my 2012 focus, but I won't lie to people. Avoid them as a daily since their automatic transmissions ESPECIALLY the power shift/dual clutch trannys which is what I had. It isn't worth having a transmission you can't trust even though the rest of the car is great. Never had engine issues, but you can't have an engine without a transmission.

Sabrina Flipse 

hey can u do a video on jeep grand cherokee 2005? or reply if it is a POS or not. bc i've had nothing but probs. right now it has a mystery problem with it going into limp mode. 4 different mechanics 4 different fixes and 2k later, and still goes into limp mode.

Sabrina Flipse 

some euro trash LOLOLOL


What do you think about buying an older performance car with low miles? I'm looking at a 2004 Pontiac gto with 50k on it. They want 13 for it. Just wondering how an engine hold up over 14 years not being driven normally? Any thoughts? Love the videos and appreciate your knowledge. Cya!


Wait!! Where is the Mazda RX8? And where is the Audi 3.2L, 4.2L with 4 Timing chains. A lot of complains with those cars on internet, I found so many bad feedback and reviews about those cars, especially the Audi

gods eye 

the deathstar

miata gang 

GM 3400?

Mr E 

No BMWs on this list... //

Kerby The Slayer 

You forgot the Chevy Cruze.


The Honda Accord has horrible transmission too. My accord and my buddies accord tranny messed up.