Top 10 Lunch Games


Top 10 Lunch Games

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Andy Matthews 

Joel, have you ever tried Oh My Goods, or Port Royal? I'd also recommend Cockroach Poker (bluffing game) since you have a consistent group of friends.

Tim G 

Loving me some arboretum......

John W 

It sounds like you might be using a noise gate on the audio. The settings are a bit extreme.

Maui Chris 

fantastic list! with my lunchtime group, i'd add Bottom of the 9th, Going, Going Gone, & by far their favorite & most requested, Rhino Hero :)


"King of Siam" had the exact same player counts (2 / 3 / 2+2).

The only differences are in the map and the addition of a new variant.


Hi, it's really hard to listen, if you are listening through the headphones. Sorry.

fran arce 

Hi Joel! Awesome Top 10, will definitely purchase the top 3. I was wondering about Team Play that you like it so much on the review, is not as good as these 10? or is it that it's not adequate for lunch time at work? Thanks!

Andy Andersen 

Having a lunch group almost makes me want to come out of retirement - nah. Great list

Chris Schreiber 

Right in my wheelhouse! Thanks.

Brock Summers 

should check out archaeology from zman games if you haven't already