Top 10 Crazy Donald Trump Moments


Top 10 Craziest Donald Trump Moments


Even before Trump ran for President he was involved in some wild and weird scenarios and situations. WatchMojo picks the ten craziest moments that Donald Trump has been a part of.

List Entries and Rank:

#10. Trump The Brand

#9. A Rosie by Any Other Name Is Just As Degenerate

#8. The Donald Gives Vince McMahon a Haircut

#7. Rudy and Donald Sitting in a Tree…

#6. You’re Fired

#5. Par for the Course

#4. Trump Gives Birther to Some Strange Ideas

#3. ?

Zubeda Haider 

I m so sorry that this man is president of this country

Crazy Pisces 1992 

Obama Wasn't Born In America; His Presidency Was A Violation Of Article 2 Section 1 Clause 5 & Obama Was Just Another Hitler.

Crazy Pisces 1992 

Rather You Like Him, Or Not; If You Live In America Then Trump's Your President, So Just Get Over It.

The Only Way Trump's Not Your President Is IF You Live In Another Country, Or You're An ILLEGAL ALIEN.

Crazy Pisces 1992 

Trump Is One Of The Greatest President's In American History; He's The Greatest Since Reagan.

The Worst President In American History Is Obama.

The Worst President's In American History:

1) Barack Obama.

2) George W. Bush.

3) Lydon B. Johnson.

4) Woodrow Wilson.

5) Bill Clinton.

The Greatest President's In American History:

1) Ronald Wilson Reagan.

2) Donald John Trump.

3) Thomas Jefferson.

4) George Washington.

5) John F. Kennedy.


국경보전ㅡ영토보전ㅡ헌법수호ㅡ불법자차단ㅡ마약ㆍ범죄ㆍ강간자ㆍ차단ㆍ불법취업자 차단 ㅡ 통치권의 의무사항ㆍ헌법질서수호정신 ㆍ합법적 절차ㆍ 적법절차 ㆍ민주적절차ㆍ예산산정 않아서 샷다운상태ㆍ국가가치 하락 ㆍ정치적 책임ㆍ민주당에게 책임존재 합니다 ㆍok

Nita Saddison-Bradford 

“Should Trump be able to style people’s hair?” Well he’s controlling our country so..

Nita Saddison-Bradford 

“Rosie is a loser” what is he five years old. What a president 🙄

Joy Lucas 

Exempted kme ni pres.trumph.😁😁😁

Nicholas Woods 

Because of their hate for Blacks, Spanish and Asian people Trump Supporters are helping TRUMP destroy this country

Nicholas Woods 

Trump is making Russia Great Again


A man who thinks money can buy anything...and sadly sometimes it can.


***** Trump 2020 *****

Heather Jane Metcalf 

If Trump gets impeached, someone NEEDS to tell him “your fired”

Alejandro Rubio 

Look who's president now.

Clay Oden 

That wasn't blackmailing Obama Trump was going to pay

Ryan B. 

Liberals are subhuman demons.

Alfa Halk 1414 

Trump 2020

Mark Lanzarotta 

You know how it goes. The Democrats elected a black man, so the Republicans had to elect a Klansman. No wonder the Europeans think we’re stupid. We are.

Factory Reject 

I know now why his skin is so orange... He touched a light socket with one tiny hand, and a block of American cheese with the other.... God bless America... 🙄

Bella Agitha 

This kinda hurts now...


remember when he was just a wacky rich old man

Rod Hand 

Only 10????

El ChavalTv Lopez 

His arrogance. I love it

Riley ruth 

He’s a bad business man a bad Christian illiterate and just smart enough to be extremely dangerous

Donna Willams 

Would love to see someone shave tRumps hair (?) tRump is a corrupt racist mysogonist lying ignorant monster.

Justin Christensen 

I have never known of ANY one who relentlessly brags about himself in the 3rd person just to hear himself tell himself how wonderful he thinks he is!!!

Justin Christensen 

And this colossal ASS is the president? WTF is wrong with us Americans? Why why why why?!?!?!?!?

Vincent Vargas 


Carsten Jensen 

fuck trump, he's a big idiot

Kevin Lee 

She sounds like a truck driver. 😂😂😂

Peter Surryez 

Clinton's cocksucker

Donald J. Trump 

Woooow this is a 2013 video!

Big Dog 

most of the photos of Donald moron are of him looking like his face will explode , because his head is so full of shit , !!!

Big Dog 

trump is so full of him self he looks like a 55 gallon garbage bag ready to split open and spread a crock of shit . Did I hear some one say trump is good at business !! that's as funny as what he said Oh mexico will pay for the wall" another fabrication from a mindless . delusional worthless power hungry , jack ass!!! rot in hell trump, you should feel right at home in all that fire and brimstone !!!!!

Dwana Varner 

Fuck u

anastasia pezzuoli 

This what happens when you elect an incompetent liar narcissistic personality sociopath and has no knowledge domestic or foreign 71% of Americans don’t want the wall and he doesn’t know what he’s doing

Imbecile idiot asshole

britny michelle 

Fucking disgusting.

Love Eriksson 

This Guy is starting to piss Me off! That He deliberately is humiliating People the way He does is unforgivable! (Ok, You must stand a joke sometimes. But this is terrorism). But most important, His politics SUCKS!!! (Mostly a problem for the Americans, thank God!)

Platinum Kat TV 

Man I love our president

James Blades 


Shat Brown 

Trump is the man, obama and the clintons should gtfo!!!

Cathy White 

"Trump don't have to be shaved bald, he losing his hair through stress from his own narcissitic lies and age"!!!! Stress will do that"!!!!!! 😄😉

Andrew Rand 

People might not realize that the Donald is a Buffalo Bills fan

_judith_paint _ 

All those who also hate trump liking💩

that whale 55555 

Trump is Narcissist he is mentally ill dont be to harsh on him (sarcasm)

Taisay Kawazu 

go die trump

Psycho Andreas 

Tell me the story from the wrestling fight please

Bernie Leiva 

WatchMojo, this needs Part 2! And 3 and 4!

Zac Dior 

President trump 🎺 you're fired!

Emma Alas