Top 10 Best Skills to Train on Double XP Weekend! [Runescape 3]

Taher Siddique 

Runecrafting sucks man

Nky777 ’ 

Lel click intensive in rs3 yea buddy. With double xp week and shit


bit late


I did woodcutting in my Ironman

Cameron Davies 

Hi Tony, Seeing as there are no recent jadinko hunting guides, would this be something you would consider? Thanks mate

Jacob Jordan 

Silverhawk boots is a blessing that's funny

Sloth Legacy 

There's no double exp weekend ?? Nothings been said by Jagex and is it for Old school or Rs3? Bc no one cares about Rs3 P2W

Hossam Latif 

you didnt recommend us a cup of tea before :c

thanks man for the quality videos.

Angry Lolii 

Hiii Toni!


i will be getting 99 herb and summoning hopefully had to grind my butt off for charms last minute cause u know jamflex thought giving us almost no prep time on a random dxp no1 was expecting was ok lol

Red Fox 

Trust me


Oh? I didn't know you could buy silver hawk feathers at the ge. I thought they were only available in the oddment store. Thanks for the tip!👍

Chuck Norris 

Plan for DXP: 5000 crimson charms, 1000 blue charms, 1000 Elder charms, 100 Talon beast charms, 10K protean planks, 500 protean traps, 3M cursed, silverhawks, agility dummies, make 1000 bank standers, 1000 dung sims, spend 5B on keys. I think that should keep me pretty busy.

devon overgaard 

I train my osrs account on DXPW


Im doing hunter and agility during dxp and maybe if hunter isnt that long I was thinking about rc or div what you think? I did all my p2p skills so now have nothing to spend on dxp


AH i have so much supplies but I'm waiting for grace of the elves to come out first then ill skill

Joe Smith 

Gonna get 200M Summoning this upcoming weekend. Glad you emphasized just how important this skill is.

joe berns 

Fishing with shark suit and Fishomatics.

Mining in citadel (citidel resets b4 the end of dxp so do it twice)

Farming tree runs

Wc Ivy

Meiyoshin Cx 

I'm a new returning player who is still trying to figure out the game, but this helps alot! Thanks! I only have around 2m gold and lower stats so I'll probably be doing hunter I think

Eduardo Millan 

i'll get carpal tunnel on dxpw,, 102-120 construction banked, rip my hand

RS Streamer 

Great list dude. People should appreciate you more for your efforts and accuracy.

tj lol 

Hello Youtube it's Tony

anthony wilson 

Good video. I don't get why people dislike this. You're completely right. Nothing wrong.


did you miss anything?

Jon Cabre 

Dont forget your extreme skilling potions


Great guide! Hopefully I have the charms for 200m summoning this weekend...


Well RC on dxp is slower then outside dxp seeing as the skull bonus is deactivated just like altars are..

thomas c 

Way to go to avoid including prayer. Seriously can't believe how many idiots train prayer on dxp.


Now that's very efficient daddy!


So the xp of sinkholes get doubled as well?

Saaadz Rs 

Very good video I have exams so rip dxp

Kin Long Ma 

@puretppc what skill worth to level first in order to make good money for power levelling other skills?

I am planning to train my skills to75lv for accessing into the priff

Ahmed Ismail 

What about skills like Fishing Woodcutting ? I have Herblore and Summoning already .

Ahmed Ismail 

I dont have the upfront cash to do crafting even at 92 crafting .

Ahmed Ismail 

I have Smithing Brawlers can i use then in the wild with Proteans?

Kyle Durack 


Sai Tarun Reddy 

I'm doing crafting with 3.8k protean leather on portables, and summ. Of course I'll be doing silverhawk boots the entire time and try to do summ during amlod hr

Ward Cober 

Nice guide man! Where can i download the screenmarkers you use at 5:10?


What about using magic beans from POF to instantly grow spirit/elder trees ?

Sandy la Tourelle 

Hey Tony, nice vid. I'll be doing summ and rc over the weekend! Just wanted to tell you that your presentation has improved so so much, im super impressed. Keep em efficient vids coming!!



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