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Here are links to all the awesome places:

Ceviche 105

Pubbelly Sushi:

Zak the Baker:


Standard Spa:

If you guys have any more questions to Miami or Miami Beach just let me know in the comment section. As I think you can tell I really love Miami and everyday I keep discovering new things. If you are looking for really healthy food options you should also check out "Carrot Express" and "Dirt" which both are located on South Beach

Music by Skizzobeats:





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Grace D 

Next time you are in Miami we would love to have you at our Little Havana Food Tour! Hit us up at


I've been at Ceviche 105 ,the best peruvian food in Miami

Rowan Bunny 

ha my old house in the background at 2:48

Lovisa Gunnlaugsdottir 

I am going to Miami Beach and just check the whether let's just say its not good 🏝⛈⛈⛈🌬🌬🌬🌬🌬

Affluent Journeys 

Oostereich, Baby..Yaaaa!

Doppler/Horst #1

Just Kelly 

I love your V´s :D Just amazing Places !!!

my videos may be not as good as yours but maybe you could give me some tips :D

Chara Celik 

nice vlogs man! keep it up 👊 I just started vlogging in Miami 2 months ago if you want to check that out :)


We live in Miami Beach and these are lies.


I wonder if there is anything you can do in Miami that you can't usually do in any other city.


It's nice that Maimi is so close to other places. I love Miami!!!


I love this video, thanks for the tips! The taco looks yummy! ~StillGlamMommy~

Chris O 

excellent video, have me sold, booking for December!

Gaurav Arora 

GREAT Post .


Are you from Germany? ;) and thanks for the tips, very helpful

....will be there in 2 weeks


Loved the vid!! Although it IS catered more towards Miami Beach haha :)

Deleita Gyasi 

What camera and software did you use to edit your video, great video quality!!!

Deleita Gyasi 

Can't wait to try these foods 😍😍

Kaye S 

What cruise do you recommend that's best for the day cruise to the Bahamas?

Luna Vega 

ha love it :) - I never get to go to Bodega

La Tia Brenda 

Omg those tacos and that sushi looms so good.

Susie Cruz 

This made me incredibly hungry and it's 3 am 😂😭

Annie Elainey 

I thought I commented on this already!! Maybe I didn't press send? Anyway, can't go wrong with Ceviche, brotha!! Also loved all the footage of this magic city ❤

Tyiece LivingInSync 

Love that view from your balcony

Tyiece LivingInSync 

Nice, I need to try those resturants

Sam Correia 

I'll be going to a few of these restaurants next time I'm there :) I also love jogging around Miami beach.


This was helpful and helped me look at my hometown a little differently!! Also very well made, so crisp and clean 👌

Vlad Dumitriu 

I really like your videos! kee up the good work

Miss Maria Vlogs 

OMG your video has made me hungry for tacos from Bodega. :-)

Anela Hrnic 

you forgot to mention the best vegetarian burger at carrot express :p

Game Trep 

5 Reasons why I love Miami :)