TOP 5: Smart Rings 2018


Best 5 Smart Rings 2018

Just when you thought electronic devices couldn't get any smaller, along comes the smart ring. Impress your friends and enjoy life on the cutting edge with any one of our top choices.

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5) NFC Ring 2016-

4) Nod Smart Ring-

3) Neyya Smart Ring-

2) Oura Ring-

1) Motiv Ring-

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terry mandalore 

lolz, describing a ring as "wireless" isnt a + feature...

joey combs 

The motiv needs nfc or its not appealing to me. I'm more interested in using the ring for payments and transferring digital information over fitness tracking

Makarand Chaudhary 

I want to purchase oura ring

Taher M. Ragab 

is their any nfc ring that gives vibration notifications?