Top 5 Analytics Tools 2018. Adobe Analytics


5 leading tools for Data Analytics, Web Analytics, Big Data Analysis, Social Media Analytics, Predictive Analysis, Business Analysis, Mobile apps — all in one cloud.

▶ Adobe Mobile Services — analytics tool for mobile apps that also includes acquisition link tracking, deep links, messaging and geo-targeting.

▶ Adobe Analytics Report Builder — an Excel plug-in to query analytics data in real-time. Ideal for those who used to work in Microsoft Excel.

▶ Reports and Analytics — web analytics for beginners.

▶ Ad Hoc Analysis — analytics tool for advanced analysts with unlimited real-time segmentation options. For those who spend most of their time analysing the data and looking for insights.

▶ Analysis Workspace — #1 data analytics tools for all type of users.

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Max Kashirin 

Thank you very much for this video! Can you please help me to understanding how fallout works in AA? For example I have 5 steps: CategoryPage-ProductPage-ShoppingCartPage-CheckoutPage-ThankYouPage. And i have non-required step between ShoppingCartPage and CheckoutPage. This is RegistrationPage step (for example i have 60% orders without registration). Should i include this step in fallout and how this will affect the results?