Top 3 Laptops For 2018!


Dave2D comparison of the best laptops in 2018 for gaming and editing. Comparing build quality, performance, speakers, keyboard, trackpad, battery life and price.

Laptop Skins -

MSI GS65 -

Aero 15X -

Razer Blade 15 -

GM501 -

XPS 15 -

XPS 15 2 in 1 -

LG Gram 15 -

Individual Reviews:

XPS 15 2-in-1 -

Razer Blade 15 -

Asus GM501-

ZenBook Pro -

Aero 15X -

MSI GS65 -

LG Gram 15 -

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Dave Lee 

Sorry for that radioactive clip. Publishing this video on the road. Couldn't fix it. Thanks for watching!

Salaka Adi 

Hi dave, please review MSI GL63-8SE with rtx 2060

Eric bat 

Why Chinese CC just have a little,? It is incomplete .


Just bought the razor πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

Nicholas Tan 

Any Recommendation for Revit users? keen to get a new laptop as my school requires lots of work on revit.


Sad to see Acer didn't make it. 😐

Huyền Haley 

Please do a comparison between MSI GS65, Razer Blade and Alienware M15

Jalaj Khanna 


I did the mistake of buying this. (Sept 2018)

3 months after fan starts making weird noises when I played a first real game in this, shadow of tomb raider. (Dec 2018)

Now I sent it for RMA.

They replaced mainboard with a refurb.

BOOM! after getting it back, speakers don't work, and black screen on boot for 15 sec. (Jan 2018)

Okay, so one-off case can happen maybe?

I sent it again. Again the mainboard got replaced.

BOOM! now the graphics card is not working. The main component of this "GAMING LAPTOP" is not working.(Feb 2018)

Now I talk to the customer service and go through the usual reinstalling of drivers.

And I ask them to replace my laptop. NO WAY is what the guy said.

Okay. Atleast replace the mainboard with a new one ? NO again.

And he tells me that they replaced the mainboard last time but this time it is a separate issue in the graphic card.

And I ask him is the graphic card not soldered on the mainboard. He responds "i cannot do anything other than takin

Mavy Marquez 

Hi, it’s my first time to watch a video of yours and you already got my trust. I wanna know how many years do you think an XPS15 would last long or still be able to perform good for a content creator/illustrator/animator etc? Thanks and more power!

Quang Hoang 

where did you get those light bulbs?





Benjamin Sandoval 

Sometimes I feel reviewers just do this to show how much free stuff they get πŸ€”

Sandu Ioan Iulian 

Good video, very nice explained but that frustrated me because I can't afford what I want. :)

So much expensive for the european market !

Outer Space And Cosmic Events 

Xps 15 or xps 15 2in 1 which one do you suggest for video editing..?

Carlos Miguel PΓ©rez-Reyes 

Laptop God!!!

Sinan Akkoyun 

Duuude that cuts

Caleb Verbrugge 

No hp spectre x360? Yikes


No one gonna talk about those awesome cuts?

YS Entertainment 

Thank God for not mentioning any hp laptop, they're hands down the worst laptop out there.

YS Entertainment 

I've been thinking of buying the xps 15 since December but the reviews on amazon are disappointing.

Houston Observer 

What about trackpad and comfort of use between these? If you're using their built in trackpad (mouse) some are horrible devices.

muhammad ammar 


Nicole J 

really curious here mr. dave lee, how do you have access to all these nice expensive laptops, I can barely borrow my family's home computer *sigh

thisis Arman A2 

What about cheap ass boys

Gungadoo William 

MSI GS65 vs Dell XPS 15

Which one is the best for Revit and other 3D and render software?

Hocus Smokus 

No Windows machine can compete with the Apple laptops. You're way too focused on specs rather than usability.

AZ Bear 

would like to see an update and for laptops <$1100.00 or $1200.00

Dell XPS15 needs to be taken off the market until " thermal" problem resolved & by "thermal", I'm referring to their battery expanding, pushing the touchpad up so it's unusable (or battery exploding)

青蛍火 - Ao Hotarubi 

I'd really like to know how the new updated Macbook Pros are now in comparison to the laptops he presented.

Jai Prakash 

Do you have blackberry

Ashiq Daronline 

Get best deals in lap tops Here:

Ashiq Daronline 

Get best deals in lap tops

ramneek kaur 

Hi dave , i am looking for a laptop for my industrial design work like 3d modelling , rendering , and videos on primiere pro and other adobe editing softwares . Am trying to be extra careful with the money is spend and i am torn between few options.

I want my laptop not to overheat , run for longer period of time without crashing , be faster in performance. (looking at 16 gb i7 8th gens and amazing graphic and cpu)

I shortlisted:

Dell XPS 15 9570 OR 9575 - i7 16 gb 8 th gen , nvidia gtx 1050ti 4 gb

Microsoft surface book 2

Acer predator helios 300 - nvidia gtx 1060 6gb

Asus rog strix scar 2

Dell precision 15 7730

p.s I am a total non gamer . I dont care about the portability much.Any suggestion would be of great help.I watched all of your videos and am still confused cause i dont game and i have doubts.

Karambir Singh Kohli 

dude can you show us a laptop that is best for both gaming and editing

Benjamin Cook 

You don't have the Macbook Pro or the Surface Book 2...

N2N Channel 

Im jealous! Can you give that razer blade 15 as a gift for me?

trang nguyen 

Do you know that you have a extreme soothing calming voice ?

Eric Liu 

Anyone know what the mountain wallpaper is called at 5:21?


My lenovo still after 5 years handles 30gb of ram im happy

Abdullah Alanazi 

Hi Dave! I want to buy a laptop now! Should I wait a bit for a new coming ones? Thanks!


The transition between laptops and laptops is really good tho.

Zulficar Ali 

Give me free laptops




Gaming laptops with NO ethernet?!?!


Please make a review vedio of hp pavilion cs1000tx. Please. I

Manoj Prajapati 

4:11 Tell your video editor to add labels on laptop

MunSka 2002 

Whats the wallpaper on the desktop behind u?

i want it!

Sebastian vd Merwe 

4:35 1440Hz screen!?

Tofi’s Vlogs 

What is thermal limitations?

Max Yehaskel 

I'm currently in the market for a new laptop, and I'm down to the XPS 13 9370 and the LG Gram 13Z980-U.AAW5U1. You've done a video on both of these or a slightly different model, so if you have a recommendation, it would be greatly appreciated. I don't need too much power so just the i5 will be perfectly fine, I'm mainly looking at the other aspects of the laptops such as weight, build quality, etc. Since you've used both these devices, I'd thought you might have a good recommendation. Thanks!