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LaReina Rose 

Selena's murder was sooooo senseless😢😠 Yolanda is gonna burn in hell once she dies!!!! Selena would've been bigger than Jlo, she is still breaking records to this day! RIP my sweet Tejana Queen🌹💄🎤

Amira Guereca 

Burn in hell the manson family

Amira Guereca 

Wow being famous is dangerous

D C2184 

And this is why I’d never want to be famous

Jessi tyson 

didnt chapman just get released this year?!?

Gary Maxion 

I've seen this at leas 10 times and the black VS white reaction to the OJ verdict still makes me laugh.

Mike Youngblood 

The Dorothy Stratten murder is just so damn tragic & should not have happened! I’ll never know why she met with that controlling psycho in that apartment

Mike Youngblood 

I wish Brynn would have just done the considerate thing & just killed herself instead of taking her innocent husband with her and fucking up their kids for life

Chris Mc Evoy 

Rest in peace Kitty and Jose Menendez. August 20, 1989

Chris Mc Evoy 

Rest in peace Dominique Dunne. October 30, 1982

Nancy O'Malley 

Spector told his chauffeur that he killed Lana-Then he changes his story to Lana killing herself? So full of it!

C K1991 

It's sad when anyone dies weather the cause was heart disease,cancer,pnemonia,suicide,or an accidental death but in my opinion murder is the worst of them all because someone took a person's life away which was never part of God's plan for us.To me the most gruesome and disturbing deaths on the list are;

Bob Crane,1928-1978: The crime scene was just so gruesome with blood and brain matter everywhere because of him being beaten to death with a tripod.Bob was trying to turn his life away but it was just to late for him his addiction to porn and sex had got to him.I've always believed that John Carpenter did it because he was cut loose by Bob as a wing man.

Dorothy Stratten,1960-1980: Her death was horrible because she was just coming into her own but was gunned down by her jealous husband.I've seen the crime scene photos and it honestly haunting to see.No one deserves to die like that.

The deaths that really grieved my heart was Dominique Dunne,Bob Crane,Dorothy Stratten,Selena,Sharon T

jerry smith 

Hollywood trash no loss here!

Mindy Rosica 

How come Judith Barsi was never mentioned?

Kathy Hernandez 

Who knows if the Mendez brothers were actually abused but if they were they killed their father out of revenge and their mother for not protecting them

Lunar Skies 

Who the fuck? 3 years for murdering Dominique Dunn?!?!?! Hell no. That's so fucked up.

D C2184 

Amittyville is on Long Island not upstate NY

Jasmine Washington 

Dorothy Stratton and Selena are the two deaths that forever hits home to me

Josh Selvig 

Am I the only one who thinks what Christian Brando did is eerily similar to something Sonny in The Godfather would do?


I think hip hop world I think it's sad biggie and 2pac were shot and killed but like I saw you'll never heal from it it's a wound to the heart.

Sean puffy Combs would I know it didn't feel good to see biggie shot.

I know it's a wound to Sean puffy Combs heart for the rest of his life.

Heidi rourke

Portia L Walker 

1988 THAT'S THE I was Born

Jacob Patrick Poulsen 

I think that O.J. Simpson killed Nicole and Ron. O.J. had a motive for the killing as he was violent and controlled Nicole in their marriage. I think that O.J. killed Nicole and Ron out of jealousy and anger. I wish that he was in jail serving a life sentence. I think that O.J. was lucky and he had the money to hire good lawyers and even Rob Kardashian said in an interview in 1996 that he thought that O. J was guilty of the murder.

Lola Drake 

It’s creepy how many of these people were 49...

Lola Drake 

I still think Suge night killed Biggie and maybe Tupac too

Randy Dubin 

6:12 & 6:38.

Corinne Ballard 

The people who don't believe O.J. is guilty AF are probably the same fuckin idiot's who believe 9/11 was an inside job lol Get over it! That pos is guilty! He's a woman beater, a psycho, a all round a worthless waste of space! His ass should be sitting on death row. The way he treated Nicole Brown's family & Ron Goldman's family is disgusting! Hopefully soon he'll be rotting in hell where he deserves to be! When he's finally on the other side of the grass the world will be a better place! Sorry if I offended any of the dip shits who think he's innocent. My bad

Tia Alexandria 

i hope phil hartman's wife is burning in hell for taking away a comedic genius r.i.p phil hartman

Goldenrod Willy 

No shit it is supposed to be glad u know humor when u see it .

Goldenrod Willy 

Free charlie now

Goldenrod Willy 

Why biggy smalls? Big gut small weenie.

Goldenrod Willy 

They found 4 naked gals in desert mouths full of cheerios cops think it may be a serial killer.

BlackSpider4 UNIVERSE peace. 

There was A white Sirel killer in the area at the time of that murder. Terry somthing ,who's brother said look at my brother for the Simpson murder .OJ did not do it .the gloves I bet were that long haired Terry the Sirel killer who killed women that looked like Mrs Simpson.

BlackSpider4 UNIVERSE peace. 

There is A part of thee Human species that kill, Some killings are worst then others .there all bad. But it's just awful.

Shacona Ward 

Hollywood is the land of glamour, infamy and scandal

bria pruitt 

I dont like how they try to downplay brynn

Vegeta Solo 

(20.) The Murder of Phil HartmanHis wife Brynn shot him on May 28, 1998, and shortly afterward shot herself to death.(19.) The Case of Christian BrandoHe shot Dag Drollet on May 16, 1990.(18.) The Murder of Dorothy StrattenHer estranged husband/manager Paul Snider shot her on August 14, 1980.(17.) The Menendez MurdersJose and Mary “Kitty” Menendez were shot by their sons Lyle and Erik on August 20, 1989.(16.) The Murder of Dominique DunneHer estranged boyfriend, John Sweeney, choked her into a coma October 30, 1982; she died November 4, 1982.(15.) The Amityville MurdersRonald “Butch” DeFeo, Jr. murdered his entire family November 13, 1974.(14.) The Murder of Marvin GayeHis father shot him to death April 1, 1984.(13.) The Murder of Bonnie Lee BakleyThe wife of Robert Blake, who was tried and acquitted of her shooting murder of May 4, 2001; unsolved crime.(12.) The Murder of Biggie SmallsShot to death March 9, 1997; unsolved crime.(11.) The Murder of Gianni VersaceShot to death July 15,