Tokyo Disneysea | Japan Disney Parks - Tips You Must Know Before You Go & Vlog | 東京ディズニーシー


Tokyo DisneySea (ディズニーシー) is considered as the best Disney park in the world! It's unique to Tokyo/Japan, so come with me and take a look inside! I also share some of the best time-saving tips I know, so make sure to watch before you go!

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Tokyo Disney Parks Crowd Calendar (Unfortunately the English website doesn't seem to work anymore, but you can check on this Japanese site. Make sure to use Chrome browser for its auto translation feature if you can't read Japanese):

Tokyo Disney Parks Live Wait Time App (available for Disneyland & Disneysea) - unfortunately the original one I used is no longer available, but I've found a new site for you guys!


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Mymystic town 

No we never been in Japan.But we want to visit Japan someday


I love disneysea! my favourite area is the arabian coast... so gorgeous. I had some delicious chicken curry there!

Soli JSS 

Love ur video. So is there any app for using the train/metro for non japanese speaker?

And where you buy the ticket for disney sea? In some machine on the street?

asedohr17 A 

Is there any lockers for luggages?

Musique Decor Multimedia 

How are the lines in October ? and thank you for this video btw


You say 'just ask the attendant for the single riders line' how do you ask in Japanese??


Any new rides at Disney sea?

Grace Aomsuay 

Your vedio very useful, thanks


Does one have to understand Japanese to watch the shows?

My Japanese channel 

New subscriber. Great video. Nice and informative

Responsible Drinkers 

im so excited about going i think i might wee myself

bea ysabel 

i went there and was only able to ride like 4 things because of the long queues ;-; journey to the center of the earth had a wait of 3+ hours and honestly i don’t think it was worth it. i think the time of year you go there really matters.


is that fastpass 1 for whole rides or only 1 rides ? is it possible use single rider line on all attraction ?

aiza agapay 

we've been here last jan 2 this much fun there😍

janelle lynn 

Im going to disneysea at January 8 2019 , will it be still japanese school break ? and is it good time to visit ? thanks ❤️

mindy xu 

Helloooooo. I was just wondering if you went to tokyosea alone and if you did how was it? I’m travelling alone and I want to go but would it be awkward?

Ahmed Almisfer 


Sofia Salese 

So what is the difference between disney land and disney sea

Jake PK Rio 

What are you saying at the start of each video? Btw, good content.

janelle lynn 

For the single rider lines , can I take 4 people in it and where is it located or should I ask the crew members ( but do they understand English ? )

Romchalee Wattanavekin 

Waiting for more Disney video ❤️


Cheers from Seattle. Nice video.

Anonymous Unknown 

I thought u didn't enjoy your vacation and the rides. there was too crowded for me

Painting HD 

i ne


Its some great advice in the video 😊,but are the disneyland and disneysea workers in tokyo speak English?

Viva La Dida 

Does it worth it to get VIP pass?

Aditya Pratama 

Can you do a video of the must have merchandise or other activities ( Photo spots) besides the rides? Thanks

Aditya Pratama 

Thank you for providing such helpful tips, your videos really helps. Very thoughtful of you. I can't imagine how crowded it would be at weekends considering this video is on a Monday if I'm not mistaken?

Lil AJ 

Tokyo Disney looks nothing like Disney just saying I don’t know about what you guys think put I prefer the Disney is the USA

Patricia Pan 

Thank you

Tanto H 

some tips from me:

1. buy ticket in advance

2. come before the park opens (and come on weekdays)

3. go and do RAFFLE for big band beat! (you can only do this once per day)

4. get fast pass either: Tower of Terror, Indiana Jones, Nemo, or Toys Story

5. wait in line for one of the above (it will be fast since it is early in the morning)

6. then get your fast pass again when the cool down ended

7. go inside the Mermaid Lagoon, but at night (it is empty and you can play alone), go even if you are with a bunch of guys, Ariel's Playground is a TREAT!

8. the Fantasmic show is either at 17.30 or 20.00, check the schedule before hand (and the best viewing place is from the entrance / hotel)

9. you can find drinking station (tap water that drinkable) through out the rides / restroom (if you want to refill your drinking water)

10. enjoy!


If we are in a group of 3, how do we all get fastpass with the same time schedule ?

Gavin atalah 

Hi..I want to ask you wether disney sea or disney land which has more kiddie area to offer for children?

Edo Bisdak Vlogs 


Dehdeh Dehhh 

Miss,you look tired

Sofia Marie Chan 

I really like your vlogss!♥️


I do not recommend in the summer it’s just extremely hot and humid just like Singapore

Outside life 

are the lines normally 2-3 hours all the time, or did you happen to go on a busy day?

Jack Ow 

is the queue very long?

Jhello Ferrer 

what app did you use to know which line to ride? the one you show in the beginning of the video?

Genevieve Ypil 

Your video is really helpful . I really love it. I would like to ask if which is better to go to. In Disneyland or in Universal studio?

Santino david Layosa 

hi there. what days would you suggest to avoid long lines?

Florida Bhoy 

Are there audio devices for people who don’t speak Japanese?

Nitin Santhosh 

Your videos are awesome. Arigato gozaimasu. Thank you so much for taking the time to show us Disney Sea. How much does it all cost for one person including the fast passes?

Where's that oil 

That matching outfit thing at amusement parks is a world wide thing. Tokyo just a lil more flamboyant about it lol.

Rold B 

How do you get those fast pass tickets? Do you need to pay extra for that? By the way loved your blog!

John Ardy 

Watashiwa Disuni-Sii wa 4 kai e ikimashita, iine

Steven Oates 

What day of the week did you go?

Robert Casas 

We are going to Disney Sea in December 2018, thank you for the information.


great park!! Been there last year, I went from south america. Venecia replica is so cool..You should go to Fuji Q Park...roller coasters are much better there.....