TL;DR - MTV Doesn't Understand History


InB4 MTV falsely DMCA this video because it proves they are wrong about pretty much everything.

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Puffer jackets, invented by white people:

Shoes, not invented by black people:

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First surgery on the pericardium done by a white guy, first surgery on the heart also performed by a white guy, but a blac guy did have the honour of receiving the first surgery done on a heart, so that's a win right there right?

Music is ever changing an evolving and Country music was first a foremost a re-imagining and natural evolution of European folk music, it would absolutely continue to exist if black people didn't, it would just be different:

Diamond Jub 

all of the things they list in the video were actually invented a few hundred years earlier by Nikola Tesla.

Rude Dogg 

LMAO you forgot to drop your mic at the end. I personally love to disprove that rap music was a black invention by using the example that a little Jewish guy by the name of Bob Dylan's 1965 song Subterranean Homesick Blues is by all definitions Rap. It drives em crazy. Keep up the excellent work, love your videos

Steven Brown 

How did a black person develope the gas mask? Garrett Morgan developed a cotton hooded mask with two hoses that drooped towards the floor. Water filled sponges were attached to the bottom of the hoses. Yes it was effective in saving miners during a rescue effort to bring them from the mine. But come WW1 the germans start a chemical weapons campaign to kill allied troops. Where was Garrett? I do believe it was a white French scientist telling French soldiers to piss on a gauze and wrap it around his mouth and nose to break down the gas. Who developed the gas mask again?


How about they set up a "World without white people" ? Would we have TV, pc's, cars, engines, mobile phones, electricity, movies, radio, and a whole list of other things ? Nope, and yes, that's what I thought, but not Franscesca.


Seriously ?

Franscesca Ramsey ?

I think Gordon would be embarrassed knowing she have the same name. :(

No, but seriously, does anyone believe any program with her in it, will be anything but racist against white people ?

The voice J 

Straw Manning your own content, otherwise known as click bait.

Lyndsey Fleming 

Popman 89 is back from the vco


shut up thanks

Hermann Fegelein 

"If black people didn't exist, the only shoes we'd have only Crocs"

Yeah, because according to MTV, only black and white people exist. Fuck Asians, am I right?


"You know what we need, we need a white history month." *sproing* "did someone just say there should be a white history month?" "Where did you come from?" "Oh, I'm a black lady, and you know there always happens to be a black lady around to hear your offhanded vaguely racist comments and make a scene about them."

nope avi 

Stereotypes white people, but is against racism..

nathan higgins 

so MTV thinks that if black people didn't exist, humanity would be is a second Dark Ages.

( ͡° ʖ̯ ͡°) what ever say then


20:17 I miss the times when the word "to whitewash" wasn't racially charged.

Also, have you realised that (12:38) Atlanta Black Star cites The Root, another non-biased website?

Yes, that's the my next comment. Such long video needs more than one comment.


MTV brings up a very good point. Black history month is to remember all those black people who did great things. So what month do we remember all those white people who did great things? When do we look at what the world might be like without white people? Or Asians? Or even Arabs?


Filament was joseph swan-edison came to uk when they were all ready in use


More libtards lying about HISTORY-interesting subject topic who is who in the inventor WORLD-keep the debunking up.

Shaquille Davis 

Racist asshole

Outcast Abaoaqu 

Nothing has been done to counteract stuff like MTV, Buzzfeed, etc.

How much influence have non-Leftists wrested from progressives since 2007? What forms of mass communications have been created aside from third-party channels like this one?

My dream is of an America without a Left wing. Time and time again it has monopolized for a never-ending power grab. The press, the celebrities, the professors, etc. all need to be punished for their tacit approval of the instruments which led to this miasma we live in now.


Didnt lemons use to have super thick peels?

Bran Koenig 

Well if you want to be pedantic the first console to use a cartridge system would technically be the magnavox odyssey which was also how you turned the console on


She is really dumb if black people did not existed some white or Asian or any other none black person would have invented this things

None ya Business 

That’s a black person for you. White person does something for a black, they turn around and stab White People in the back and steal our inventions and history. And our very lives the most.

TVD- The Remedy 

You’ve got to be insecure at a level that I can’t even comprehend, and completely desperate to feel relevant, to run around claiming some sort of racial “victories” over a handful of things that were invented by random strangers with a similar skin tone— especially when you consider the FACT that literally almost EVERY SINGLE invention claim they make is either extremely misleading, or outright FALSE. Regardless, even if we went to fantasy land for a little while, and ACTED like all of those LIES were actually true, and that blacks did invent those things— it’s still laughable for anybody to try to brag about having the same color of skin as people who did something at some point in history— as if that reflects positively on people today, because of skin color, hahaha. I’m actually embarrassed FOR these people, with their CRIPPLING INSECURITIES.

John Kovary 

More examples of black anality syndrome !

David Dudman 

And this why I haven't watched MTV in over two decades

Goldie Tamamo 

Err, Video Game Consoles, Francesca? You're sort of grasping, at this point. You could just as easily cite the contributions of the Japanese to the industry with the Famicom, and pedestalize a race of people with an actual work ethic. I don't see you cumming over Gunpei Yokoi's tits for his intellectual accomplishments with the development of the Game & Watch. Try again. Go rob someone else's open garage looking for your missing self-esteem.

Mr Eye 

also white history month exists. It's called april

Rose Vidler 

There is all So indencerd servants who where pore wights who where meny to get land and money how ever where worked to death so the land owner dosant need to give up land


So according to them without black americans, a big part of usa would have remain french, sound like a realy good point for wanting the black A to never had existed.

Viktoria Thaelin 

Typically black people don't consider mixed race people to be black because they aren't and I quote black enough

Viktoria Thaelin 

Not sure if it's older or newer than what you're talking about but the Commodore 64 head interchangeable cartridges that you swapped out for different games just like the Atari

Viktoria Thaelin 

Crocs are awesome! People need to get the f*** over it

Don't Censor 


I think the implication here is about fashion not who invented the shoe.

Ben Cochrane 

I have a pair of Crocs. They're really useful as a chore shoe where they might get dirty and you don't need to worry about dropping something heavy on your foot. You just throw them in the washing machine when you're done.

That doesn't make them any more cool, it just points out that fashion isn't why you buy them. The fact they're held up in that video as something to laugh at speaks volumes about the values the video maker holds, or is trying to pander to.


I did Undergrad studies in music with a concentration in Jazz. Generally, the roots of the jazz movement (along with Ragtime and the Blues) are traced to the desegregation of the Creoles of Color in New Orleans around 1880. Descended from the French, but possessing dark skin, this bourgeois European social class was highly trained in classical arts. Upon desegregation they brought Western European Art Music into contact with former slaves, and thus the movement of spirituals. Jazz, Ragtime, and the Blues are core elements of most modern pop music that have their roots in the COMBINATION of WHITE AND BLACK cultures with rhythmic ideas having more African roots and harmonic ideas having more European roots.

Even then there is the question of where American folk music played a role. Plenty of pop artists (ex. Nora Jones) show heavy influence from Appalachian music or bluegrass. Furthermore, the root concept of the "song" (as I understand it) comes from a German genre called the "lied" or

Valen Sinclair 

People still watch MTV? Why?

Lord Inquisitor 

I don’t see why we even need a black history month, we don’t we simply teach history free of any bias towards any race

Jared Cox 

Excellent video! I don't know how I only now stumbled upon it.

Adam Putt 

Country and rap are both terrible anyway


Not really: Asking how the world would be without Blackie neatly reveals the extent of their 'contribution' to the modern age. I feel I have no skin in the game, but it must be humiliating to be black, bombarded on all sides by this misinfo, and yet have a deep need to not be intellectually insignificant


Oh did all the murder victims come back? I'm done with this shit. Fuck these assholes.


All the "advancements" attributed to black people WOULD STILL EXIST, because they were done as part of a WHITE COMPANY where "if the black dude hadnt done it a white one would have".


all these arguments at 44 minute sound to me like: " Slavery was good because without it the US wouldn't have developed as much as it did". LOL

washi hayabusa 

black history, more like black stealing history of white people

Ramses Martinez 

Maybe black people are like Apple. Apple has never invented anything but they made a whole lot of things cooler ;)

Aspiring Conservative 

All I learned from MTV's video is that historical evidence/facts are not important and that you can make any claim you want without being required to substantiate said claim.

Does anyone know the status of the colonization efforts of Mars?

Also I found after 10 seconds of google, that the Magnavox Odyssey was the first commercial gaming console. Let me give you a hint, it was not invented by a black guy.

"When most people think about the first video game, they think of Pong, the ping-pong arcade game released by Atari in 1972. However, months earlier, Magnavox had released its Magnavox Odyssey, a home video game system based on the “Brown Box,” a prototype invented by Ralph Baer. Additional games and accessories, like a lightgun, were sold in separate packages.

Since the Odyssey had limited graphic capabilities and displayed only a few small white blocks and a vertical line on the screen, Magnavox included translucent color overlays to provide settings and layouts for the games. Pe


Yeah, atlantablackstar is biased. They've posted outright racist articles before filled with pseudoscience and pseudo history. Trust me, search their site and you'll find its basically stormfront, but for blacks with a chip on their shoulder.

Baron Von Wolfin 

when he was like "where's grandpa?" and that chick made that face i was like "HIS GRANDPA WAS BLACK!!" but that wouldnt make sense...

Facts & Faith 

As with any information that is given on Mtv the misinformation in this video is essentially put forth by and directed towards a group of people that reallistically don't care about history. Unfortunately in the modern world most people would rather be ignorant than know the truths and realities of history and it's effect on modern life.