Tissues, Part 3 - Connective Tissues: Crash Course A&P #4



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On today's episode of Crash Course Anatomy & Physiology, Hank continues our exploration of tissues, with an introduction to your connective tissues.


Table of Contents:

Four Types of Connective Tissue 2:34.2

All Develop From Mesenchyme 3:29.5

Different Degrees of Blood Flow 3:45.7

Extracellular Matrix Full of Ground Substance and Fibers 3:59.4

Blast, Cyte, and Immune Cell Types 6:45.4

Marfan Syndrome Affects Connective Tissue 8:31.3


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Although I very much appreciate you making these videos and putting so much effort into them, I find it incredibly difficult to keep up with your pace. The way you talk is very fast and the tone jumps up and down with odd emphasis on certain words. I don't mean to request More work on your part as you clearly do put in a lot of effort, but with this pace it would be better if the video was all animated to add to the learning dimensions.

Thanks for the videos!

Vegan Planetta 

I like the shirt and jacket a lot!

Sarah Guerra 

I have a love hate relationship with him


So people with Marfan Syndrome can have a glitch in the Matrix

Loeu 9 

Very nice !

But the doctor speaks very fast !

i hope if he can speak a little bit slowly ..


Cr1tikal Play Kenshi 

Are we not gonna talk about the name Flo Hyman?

Noura yo 

الشخص الي مترجم شكرا الف مرة

Ugly man999 

who wrote the script, i didn't even understood what he said half the time


Am I understanding this correct as connective tissues and mesenchyme are synonyms?

Marshall Girl 

Does Eminem know about you?

Jan A.A 

I hate histology

Shreyan Chetia 

I replayed the "Whaaa?" part and he sounded like an ambulance. XD

Jenan dawood *_* R 

Love your explanation and how fast it is💖

Nyawira Waithaka 

Thank you so much! Connective tissue finally makes sense

Oback Barrama 

Sure marfan syndrome weakens the connective tissue, but do you know what weakens the working class? That's right, the bourgeoisie. Join me and seize the means of production! Smash the bourgeoisie! End class divide!

Karen Curtis 

OK I'm confused bc my prof taught us loose and dense fibrous connective tissue not proper or collagen so I dunno what a going on

suresh babu 

Say slowly stupid.

Mila Awwadova 

fortnight fulse im joking thanks for info

Ivan Rogic 



"you have four types of connective tissue"

holds up 3 fingers

holds up 1 on the other hand


Bia Silva 

So glad i came across this channel because I'm loving these crash courses!!

IHave TheJamsJiminLost 

It's really informative but......u are too fast!!

Sosan Amin 

ive never laughed so much watching an educational video even tho it gets lowkey annoying at times i love crashcourse

Sharl Tyunder 

pleasant thoughts';

hope,i did not disturb your night rest?!


S.N.R k-pop 

Aghhh talked too faaast

Honey Marie 

who notised the wierd face figure on the table

Honey Marie 

this sooooo helpful hank

okkam okulus 

2:33 i need a 10 hour video of this

Alok Samarwal 

Marfan syndrome is a genetic disorder of the fibre present in the connective tissue , very useful information

J Banks 


Rachel Mayo 

hello!!!!! I love these videos so much

Gavin Michael Sibenaller 

boring i almost fell a sleep


Haha try taking notes with this guy😏

connie russell 

Thank goodness for these videos!!!!!!! XO!!!!!!

Ana Hand 

Anatomy is so cool

flexible riyah 

you had no sympathy for Flo Hyman, I find that very rude and disrespectful. smh

Macy Payton 

gluey glue

Lilith Centeno 

"Bolbing around like an amieba" (Forgive my typos) made me laugh XD


So, Flo Hyman had a problem with her blood? Ya don't say...

andre macklin 

This whole YouTube page is great

Anjali Dova 

2:42 when you notice this 😂😂

Jintaro Kensei 


Maryam Sed 

Oooo my goshhh, too fasttttt I couldnt catch more plz less ur speeddddd

Kimberly Chapman 

"You've got 4 *holds up 3 fingers* *adds another on other hand* major classes of connective tissue" same buddy

oliver mccarry 

you should make online college course that award credits

Bob Sciascia 

I'm 44. Last September I finally found out that I have a very similar genetic connective tissue disease called Ehlers-Danlons Syndrome. Which doesn't cause the tall thin build of Marfans.

But does have dozens upon dozens upon dozens of symptoms along with other conditions. Hospital doctors thought I had a heart attack... or aortic embolism or aneurysm. I'm lucky... my heart and aorta are okay... but I still have an undiagnosed cardiovascular disease due to EDS or Dysautonomia (a typical condition EDS carries)

Connective tissue diseases are so much more than hyper flexible joints and hyper elastic skin. The real serious problems begin with the fact that every organ in the body is made of or held together with connective tissue.

It's no joke.

Natalie Kwiatkowski 

Omg you are a lifesaver I’m so glad I found your YouTube!!❤️ I have an A in anatomy and physiology 1 because of watching these amazing videos! All I need to take is the final exam ! This is great for visual and audial learners. Perfect crash course. 🙌Thank you !!!

Natalie Nicolaou 

Why do I hear


Kristy Alexander 

Your videos are so helpful

Gabriel Gandarilla 

Strong MAD!!! I'm Angry!!!! I dig the Homestarrunner man. Oh! and good video too :)

I'm learning more here than my AP instructor that can barely speak English! Cheers!