Tips for Going to Las Vegas, NV| $50 Lyft Credit for Las Vegas

Miss Natuful Blessing 

Thanks ! what about uber instead of a cab...not a good idea?

Hope jackson 

Thanks for your ideas and information, very helpful, We always bring pre mixed Margarita bottels so all you need is ICE. And your your totally cutie too.

Mr. Kamil 

What was that Mexican restaurant you went to...and where was it?

Courtney Shante 

Super helpful!

Nhea Duncan 

Going to Vegas in 1 week. Staying at Caesars. Resort fees $230.

Bryant Peppers 

How did you guys get around?

Bryant Peppers 

I'm going to Vegas in August and your video was very helpful.

Taneisha Johnson 

I'm going tomorrow great video I was rolling lol thanks for the tips!


The hotel fee is only a few hundreds how is that going to tie up your credit card limit? Do you have like $1,000 limit or something on your card to spend?

Janie Carrera 

thank you!

cee tee 


Maritza Aponte 

That would bother me someone coming up to my face.. Can't you just walk and ignore LOL

Wanda Dry 

Great video, Great tips.. What did you have to do in order to get the lyft card?

Ricardo Escaban 

Many codes have recently been reduced in value($5-$20) Go to: - Still a $50 Credit for New Users! Nice vid btw.

Ryan Helgerson 

Thank you so much.. We're going to a...cheaper hotel (excalibur) but we'll try the $20 trick

Thrifting Huntsville 

Great tips!