10 TIPS for Effective CCTV for Business and Home Owners



We have put this video together to help private owners protect their businesses, properties, assets and personal safety.

CCTV systems are not effective unless set up in the right way and maintained properly.

We provide 10 tips which can implemented with ease and to improve your security.

If you require any help or are interested in CCTV to feel safe, secure and have peace of mind.

Please contact us now on 02076274402 or email ask@cctvcameraeurope.com.

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techplus lab 

Watch it from 1:21

shubham singhal 

Hellow dear sir ...How can we start our own CCTV business in India we have lot of recruitment of it ..


good advice

Andrew Fender 

you obviously don't sell that much....The best evidence is evidence not just a sign.

CCTV Camera London Ltd 

Thank you for your comment. This camera is vandal resistant and is located at eye level to obtain an identification of anyone entering the property. Our client didn't want to upgrade their intercom and most cameras intercoms don't provide high quality wide angle images, in any light condition. In our years of experience, cameras tend not to be tampered with or damaged, as there is a high probability that the CCTV system will record images of the offenders face, whilst working on the camera.


1:33 Tip 2; never install cameras at arms reach of a criminal, unless the specific cameras are deigned to take a severe pounding above and beyond the usual vandal proof rating. The camera used in TIP2 has been used in the wrong application and is a eye sore. If the video intercom systems camera below it has stopped working or doesn't have IR, then simply upgrade it to one that does. If you buy a decent video entry system you can tee of its video feed directly in to your DVR or IP Encoder to.