TigerNet: Wilkins happy for 'slowest QB at Clemson' Brice


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Grant McIntyre 

QB power with Christian Wilkins would be dangerous 👀

Jennifer Henderson 

Wilkins is my favorite player! We proudly fly our Clemson flag here in Colorado!


Much respect for ALL the TIGERS !! Only good things ahead.

Lester Clayton 

Great team win

Mark West 

I go way back as a Clemson fan. Wilkins and Brian Dawkins are hands down.....my favorite Tigers!

Mark West 

Love CW! He absolutely has to be a color commentator when his NFL career is over. Love his personality!

Goofy Tiger 

Looking forward to the future. I see sunshine in the forecast. The stormy clouds in the comments will dissipate as will their rumblings. The kid took a hit and needs to learn to slide, get over it. Good luck to KB, unfortunate he didn't choose to stay. Dabo gave KB every chance he deserved and KB gave everything he had.

Amanda Cooper 

So proud of this team!!! GO TIGERS 🐯 🔥


Just been confirmed that Kelly Bryant has transferred to Louisville

Myron Brown 

Once our offense gets going we are going to be dangerous.

Tigerfan6317 ! 

Yo Wilkins I was thinking about that last saturday on the Goal line. I was thinking direct snap to you!

NBT 3 

Lol 10 seconds to get is yards!!! Love the makeup of the guys on the team. Awesome stuff you can't force!

NBT 3 

I hate to say this... But it's shaping up into a nice dual threat offense. Ok, there, I said it... bring on the haters.

Karl Cline 

Clemson will be better allowing the running backs to run and not just be blocking backs for KB.