This fan attaches to your bed and blows cool air under your covers


This fan pumps cool air under your bed sheets to help relieve night sweats while sleeping.

The bFan sits at the foot of your bed and fits around the mattress, using its low wattage motors to blow a cool breeze into your bed. It works with a wired remote and it can be controlled to deliver different speeds.

The designers say this makes it a cheaper alternative to aircon.

The bFan can be bought for around £65.


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More landfill fodder!! another useless stupid appliance that's not worth repairing and will be floating in the worlds oceans in 5 years! All this cause your too stupid to remove the insulation that is overheating you..Ya wana buy an appliance? buy an air conditioner!

Isaaq iyo Hawiye Waa Gaalo 

Ridiculously overpriced at $160 lol gimme a break

Dude Sah 

My dumbass thought “aircon” was a different company but it just means air conditioning 😂

Peter Lloyd 

It is now available with a 10 year warranty and next day shipping in the UK, EC and outside of North America from us The Henley Fan Company Ltd who are the international distributor for the bFan


What is “air con”?

Lovely Angelina 

The comments 😂😂😂😂


Where is this available? Any web sites?


my bum already makes a breeze!!

Jorlie Anderson 

Why don't you just take your covers off