This electric bike is powerful enough to tow an SUV


This e-bike is powerful enough to tow an SUV.

It's powered by one 48V battery with a 750W motor that has an 85-mile range.

The cycle is called the "Moar Fat Tire Ebike" and it has a top speed of 30 mph when used with the pedals.

It is still a prototype at this stage but developers hope to retail it for around $1,119.


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Sense its not a motorcycle you'll never need a helmet on the streets

Aqua God 

Fingers crossed they have a solid frame with hybrid road/dirt tires like on the roam.

I dont need those fat tires eating into my range.

And I dont need the folding frame eating up my chin!

Anti speed wobbles.......


how do you put a hitch mount on these bikes so i can connect a mini trailer tell me where do i go to get it mounted ?

Patriotic American 



Is it real yet?


May you give me the other name brand bicycles that can do that where can i find it and get it let me know asap ?

N Srinivas 

how much cost bro i will buy

Tungcuathoidai VO 

how about price of it ?