The Viral Tricky Math Question 5 - 5 × 5 + 5 = ? solved




This question and many other similar questions such as 10 - 10 × 10 + 10 = ?, which I have also solve in other blog post has gone viral on social media and many people have answers like -15, 5, 25 etc. If you have been doubting your answer, then in this article I will solve and explain  in details why the answer is -15 taking into consideration some Basic Mathematical rules such as :

Order of Operation (BODMAS and PEMDAS).

Solving from left to right.

Signs lies behind a number. This rules is affecting many answers so you have to take it serious and master your number line well.


The solution to this question is simple but tricky. Many people always fall into the trap of not using basic mathematical principles and rules such as BODMAS and PEMDAS . BODMAS stands for:B=Bracket, O=Order of operation, D=Divison, M=Multiplication, A=Addition, S=Subtraction while PEMDAS stands for P=Parentheses, E=Exponents, M=Multiplication, A=Addition and S=Subtraction. So...

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How can it be -5 if there’s no brackets? Wouldn’t it be 5-(-5x5)+5 if that was the case?