The ultimate Ho Chi Minh city travel guide Vietnam


#Hochiminh #travelguide #Vietnam ...If your traveling to Ho chi Minh then check out our guide to the city,Information includes shopping,nightlife,Museums, Street food and kids. its a great travel show ,and will show you the top things to do in the city

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Brian Dawson 

I'm visiting Vietnam in October staying at the grand ho tram ,vung tau but plan on checking out ho chi minh city.

Ollie G 

You said the language spoken is "Vietmenese" xD

Seth Morris 

It's Saigon city not Ho Chi Minh city.

Ho chi minh was a war criminal, a dictator, a mass murderer, a back stabber and a traitor.

If you Google "25 of History's Deadliest Dictators", his name is on the notorious list.

The truth is the ordinary Vietnamese citizens don't like that communist name. Only the freaking government.

That vicious communist Ho chi Minh deserved nothing but HELL!


Great video !

Hai Nguyen 

you mention locations I didnt even know existed. great job.


well done! enjoyed your video. have been to HCM a few times (and will revisit again this weekend) and it has changed alot~ love the food and shopping. do also check out my videos too~ tks!

Peter W 

great work..very surprised at the number of views...thought there would be more...

well done...