The Smart Residential Building. "Real Russia" ep.117 (4K)


The deepest insight into the residential area developed at Bakalinskaya street of Ufa, Russia.

This is the first residential block where the developers worked not only on the construction of three 25 "smart" residential buildings with an increased level of comfort, but on a comfort of the environment around it.

Quality buildings and well-maintained apartments. The yard without a cars and 7-floors parking.

Brittany Harding 

Beautiful apts .so sufficient ,live it .clean and neat and playable.thank u for awesome video .god bless u 💚💙💜😇

S Bhimji 

Nice apartment! Great video!

The Parrot Rescuer 

Excellent video man.


Good video Sergey. I would rent that apartment in a heartbeat for $120 a month. Apartments here in the US, in the state of Georgia where I am start at about $800 for a one bedroom. It goes up the closer you get to the city of Atlanta. Crazy expensive.

Bob Hadley 

Your new apartment in St. Pete is beautiful! I like the painted walls.

Carlos the Jackal 

12:26 mama mama the sweets number 18 in the vending machine are really chewy and smell bad. Can I buy a boundy please?

jadoon Khalid 

Glad to watch Russia is transforming qualitatively at good pace!

Rayk Dreisatz geht anders 

Hey Wladimir, we have space from Poland to fucking Japan... I have an Idea man, just build tower blocks like in the old Commie days. Who needs living space LOL

David Brown 

Oh that’s just lovely bless your heart.

E C 

The problem with those apartment buildings especially the tall ones, I always think what if some guy accidentally leaves his stove on and burns his place. Or what if some person's toilet overflows. Or what if some person has a loud party. And there is no like safety net on the outside and so you would have to go down the stairs to get to safety. If you are going to build tall like more than 3 stories, then it may be good to build a pyramid type shape so the drop from any high floors is no more than 10 feet. Plus Russia has so much land, why build tall when you can build wide?

hook blieght 

great video mr from northern canada can relate to the weather no prob

same same

Shirley Armstrong 

Serjey do you have another job and Is this just a sideline of yours? Love your videos

nat saxon 

Condo fees?

nat saxon 

All I see is apartments, are their no houses?

What's Up? 

I believe the floor plans are more closed because of the weather. Open floor plans don't hold in the heat as well as the closed floor plans. But I still like a more open floor plan for the Kitchen, and Living room.

cool penguinы 

я живу в этом городе

Ty 2019 

Chevy Silverado pickup all the way.💯💯👊🔥🇺🇸

Talal Yafi 

Not bad at all an apartment like this for 120000 us dollars, rather not costly.thanks

ApplePie 2019 

I don't know what to think about the communal apartments. Ugh maybe. That would be the equivalent of a homeless shelter in the USA. In America, apartments outside of NYC and Chicago are rarely over three stories. We have more single family homes. Russia is so large, so it's hard to understand the cramped conditions.

Romana Volny 

Are these apartments still for sale?

Rehan Zainul Abdeen 



I was hoping there would be an apartment give-away contest at the end. Блин

Gaqu Sato 

11:09 what happened to the screen?

Dead Game Audio # 

That is a nice apoment, and Cheers from Huston Texas USA


I paid $123,000 for my 1800SF home. I guess you can call that a condo and double the price. Thanks for the video. Very interesting.


Thank you Sergi, very nice but the apt has too many divisions it will be nice an open concept apt, with that view! 🙋

Vlad Nicol 

I meet many Mexicans who lives in USA more than 15 years and they do NOT speak any English !

How come You Sergey speak such good in English ?

Dean Clayton 

I suppose the balcony is useful for throwing gay people off.

Amanda Anderson 

120, 000 American dollars? That's too expensive for a small closed up apartment. Are you sure you have the price right?

Amanda Anderson 

Oh my the echo is insane and loud.

Denise Simpson 

looks slummy


r.i.p. camera guy


Awesome appartment !

N /A 

For a brand new apartment looks very very cheap and poorly designed.


Pretty small floor plan. I think the kitchen is bigger than even the living room. It appears the color schemes in Russia are the same too. Everything (to me) looks like the 1970s.

Clement Lee 

I like your euphemism and the way you present your video. It's a glimpse into a world that I otherwise wouldn't have a chance to see.


Beautifully designed apartment building. I wish they made them that way in the states.

Taylor Reavis 

it makes you think about how happy it makes people that the trash isnt next to the building


Nice tour.


Your English is Very good Sergei! I live in Canada and And I would love to visit Russia one day !

Ezel El-koto 

What a shit hole... even China doesn't have such shitty buildings.. lol.


He doesn't like criticism, even positive criticism !


Lovely video, thanks for making it ! ... from London sw1


15:51 ... no, You said that the man on the first floor, (entrance) is not a concierge but a security guard.


12:28 ... not really comfortable but: really convenient ! ... also, woman may buy condoms, so you're wrong to say "lady" !


11:45 ... Look, it is the Second World War on television !


11:15 ... Nice mail boxes, maybe; as long as you don't have to bend over too much to open mail box !


8:10 ... Even in Russia, there are building code rules that state car parking must be provided for, in new developments. ...

Including car parking for guests of residents and vehicle parking for deliveries or service vehicle ( elevator maintenance).

It is wrong to say that developers have the final say on how much parking is provided at any development. ... nice video !


3:52 ... I'm pretty happy with this car. ... not glad ! ... (otherwise your English is perfect)

Remi Car 

Sergey you are such a nice guy