The Secret World of Annie Atkins, Graphic Designer for Films | Adobe Creative Cloud


Annie Atkins’s design work work appears throughout “The Grand Budapest Hotel” and other movies. For more stories like this, visit Adobe Create Magazine at






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Dream job💕💕

Frank James Bonarrigo 

fun job

joshua varey 

Fascinating job I am a media student and this has broadened my mind to pursue a career in graphic design.

Liv Feng 


Michael Oberhofer 

Wow! I was blown away by the typog in the film, one of the many things I loved about it. I was actually wondering aloud while I was watching it if all the GD was done by one person as it has such a wonderfully cohesive look & feel. What a crappy job to have to endure!!!

Ben Hnamte 

I was always curious of the artist behind the movie... Shes so awesome.

Ella Marie 

interesting she talked about job security in Film, I was wondering about that. BUT that is very scary . I can't do anything that doesn't involve security YET i live my life like that 24/7 and its crushing and terrifying

Lexi Browning 

Dream job.

Monica B 

This was beautiful, I want to watch more of her typography life.


I LOVE that the focus of her designs have to do with period-based typography and typesetting. Very cool.


Wow, what a great gig.  Congrats Annie - living the dream!  Excellent video too...


Such a great video. What a bless person to have this job.

Bill Singleton 

I really like that her style tends toward historically inspired rather than precise duplication. I love when an artist doesn't take the easy way out, but puts their heart and effort into every detail. With all the newest cutting-edge tech begging to be used, I have to admire the old school approach.

nathan cafolla 

Great to see a Irish designer on Adobe.

Andre Gunawan 

This is a great video. Thanks Adobe for spotlighting Annie and her meticulous design in movies.

Architectural Aesthetics 

grand budapest hotel was my favorite movie of 2014. I'm so glad to see the behind the scenes from a graphic designer's perspective. good job

Francesco Collu 

Amazing! :)