The Rolling Stones - Brown Sugar (Lyrics)


Boo hoo




"Sky Dog Slaver "

Big Jimmy 



Merry Clayton to Mick Jagger: "I thought you were a man, but you're just a skinny little boy!" ".

Anna Vajda 

I don't like this song knowing the story is about some woman Mick knocked up and denied responsibility for.

Kurt Leith 

Brown sugar is no heroine(hero) is a lie that leads to early death, drug addiction, what colour your skin is doesn't matter -( Death is Death :-( What is Death? I don't want to find out....keep using heroine, you WILL FIND OUT!!! CAVEAT!!! LIFE IS GOOD, CHOOSE LIFE!!!


Oh my god!! I have heard this song about a hundred times (or more!!!) and never knew these were the lyrics!! I'm shook.

Wesley Edwards 

So I guess I shouldn't play this song to my Black Boss Lady at work as a White Man?

Wesley Edwards 

I originally that the lyrics were "Fat Sugar" when I was I kid but then I heard "slave ship" in the lyrics also and got confused. Now after I've listened to all of the bands from my 2000's teen years I went back to some songs from my 90's childhood and this was one of them. I honestly can't stop laughing after I read the lyrics!

Lenny Pepperbottom 

Best lyrics in rock history


A song about slave ships, African Americans being bought and sold and one guy who whips his slaves and rapes them and he's just having a good time!

Rappers refer to this song when they get told their songs are bad!

This is sick! What compelled Jaggar to write this?

Glad some comments have this right. Would like to hear Mick Jaggar's account of the lyrics to this.

I love the stones, but they did some songs that, like this one, that are just bad. Lyric wise.

Shana Adams 

This is horrific. wtf kind of lyrics are these?

mark whitely 

I sing at Karaoke night in the Republica Dominicana the Ayisyen bouzen renme mwe

Paul Jay 

Couldn’t get away with this today

Sharonica Smallwood 

Not surprised at all about how disturbing this is.


So, not a good song to sing to a black girlfriend. Good to know

David Harrison 

sad how everyone is shocked . pathetic little snowflakes . what a world we have !

David Harrison 

i can remember when it first came out thinking " they will never get away with this!" how wrong i was !!!! lol

les atk 

stones at their best

brian goodwin 

Best song in the history of rock music

Google1313 Google1313 

Dog shit

Steve Schmidt 

It's not about slavery, it's about how black women have been something of a sweet treat to white men through the ages!


Good grief ! Listening to this all my life first time I’ve read the lyrics . I’m shocked !! Cracking vibe though

Reginald Green 

Lol! Wtf iz this? I was about to listen2 D'Angelo


ZiPpEr MaN

ribmeat hamhock 

finger licking good!

Stroker Ace 

In 2018, reading the lyrics, just wrong

Daddy Ruckus 

Damn cuz!

I heard this song all my life and never knew it was about slavery.

I never could understand what those white British boys were saying anyway.

Love the song!

LivinDeadGurl Zombie 

Wtf is wrong with people! Brown Sugar, Aqualung, and Daddy I'm all grown up..... All are sick songs! No wonder there are so many Pedofiles in this world! Look at all those songs lyrics! Sick fucks!



A. Salmon 

They got away with it. Love the song. But to be fair I heard it on the radio when it first came out. Not exactly clear and I was too young to understand the words I could figure out. I thought the music was catchy. What a surprise to see what it was about.

mary shaffer 

Prince Harry and Meghans wedding song.

John Bezz 

Really sad story once you read the lyrics.

Jimmy Curtis 

See Brown Sugar at

FlexibleAtheist 696 

how come you taste so good

just like a Black girl should

Darin Grubb 

Brown shugga

igor sinigaglia